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Klassik F/ B~Free – “What Do I Know”

by Miracle

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“What Do I Know” F/ B~Free (listen/download)

Milwaukee’s own Klassik is currently preparing the follow up to his smash hit award winning debut album, In The Making. The follow up will be an EP and it is entitled YRP (Young Rising Phenom). To kick off the campaign for the upcoming EP, Klassik has unleashed the project’s first single. It’s called “What Do I Know?” and it was originally featured on the soundtrack to a film dubbed Role Play by local videographer Rubin Whitmore III back in January. Additionally, it entails a guest appearance from lovely local songstress/musician B~Free.

The production here is of high grade quality. The unconventional yet groovy components, energetic tempo, and zestful vibe make for a brilliant combination. The flute work towards the end of the track by B~Free shines strong and is really something special. The hook is first-rate as well. The vocals are pristine and the lyrics are enticing. There is only one verse present. It is of a four star rating. Klassik executes the perfect composite of rhyming and singing with an effortless delivery of each medium. His bars and lyrics are exemplary too. He takes a look at relationship roles versus the dreams that get neglected to maintain those relationships. Some lines worth noticing are: “Things fall apart. And whether or not you manage all depends on your heart. You got the biggest role but never tried for the part. So the key is to end it even better than the start. And when your on love’s board and your dodging all the darts be ferocious like a bulls-eye. But always play it smart. And with all that said I think we need to heed the part. Shopping for a better love I need an empty cart.” One has to appreciate the lavish way with words Klassik establishes right there. All in all, this record is a chart topper.

**My Two Cents: I was super happy to have this hit my inbox. Klassik & B~Free work amazingly well together. Their versatility as artists was evident throughout this offering and the production was incredible. Can’t praise the flute playing at the end enough. Miss B~Free was killing it. Major applause for the pair on this one. I heard that they have a video together  coming soon too. So be on the lookout for the visuals. And YRP (Young Rising Phenom) drops sometime this Fall. So stay tuned to the site for more details and future releases. -MinM

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