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Malik Ferraud – “Feel Me”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Feel Me” (preview)

Rapper Malik Ferraud rang in his birthday a couple of months back by releasing another single off of his upcoming LP. The track is entitled “Feel Me” and was produced by Black Diamond. The production here is kosher. The hearty bass, buoyant instrumentation, peppy tempo, and invigorating vibe formulate together splendidly. The hook is a delight as well. The vocals are pleasantly in sync and the lyrics are plainspoken. The verses are upstanding. Malik contributes a wholesome flow, fine wordplay, and propitious rhymes. He fills the listener in on his outlook on being triumphant in his musical endeavors in a very appealing fashion. A few noteworthy lines include: “I’m waiting for my stars to align. Racing against time. Face it, I’m a make it. All it takes is dedication. Hate evacuation. I’m coming for the top. Like pressure in a bottle I’m a pop. Shout out to my mama. I’m a get you out the spot. Word to my daughter cause I give it all I got. I see no competition if you thinking I’m a flop. Look in the mirror cause I’m everything you not … a confident man.” Those are some gracefully executed opening bars right there. In the end, this is a felicitous second leak.

**My Two Cents: This was an honorable offering. The production was really enjoyable and the content was full-bodied. I am digging the direction of Malik’s upcoming project thus far. He’s keeping it diverse and that’s always a win. Stay tuned for more details regarding the pending album. And be sure to check out the emcee on the web courtesy of: Facebook (see above), Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. -MinM

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