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Louie Z – Nak Musick Presents: Louie Z (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Nak Musick Presents: Louie – Z (preview)

South-side native Louie Z made a big move when he linked up with the Nak Musick family to officially drop his debut album. He and the crew put in long days and even longer nights over at Alpha Studios to ensure that the project turned out just right. This is reflected in the line up of dope producers (Joey D, Tha Crown, Big Curse, etc) and talented guest artists ($killz, Floozy, Loud, etc) that were tapped to lend their services. And the response to the effort has been pretty significant too. Find out how well The Illixer took to the 17 track collective after the break.

“Let Me Be”

The production here is beasty. The laden bass, melodramatic components, neutral pace, and severe vibe make for a fanciful combination. The hook is fierce too. The delivery is polished, the background vocals fit in well, and the lyrics are acute. The verses are vicious. Louie doles out an intense flow, calculated wordplay, and tenacious rhymes. He makes it evident that he is all business before the music even gets started good. Some lines of interest include: “Plotting on where to hit ’em. Well order that suit and tie. And I pray to God that it fit ’em. Man my stomach grumbling even after Thanksgiving. I started straight out the bottom. How the f–k we still living? How the f–k is we living? Bullets shot and they miss us. It felt like a couple inches. But got my mind on my music. Forgot about all them b—hes. Man that s–t distracting. Y’all supposed to be real. How real n—as be acting?” Those are some untouchable bars right there. Overall, this song is a serious banger. Be sure to view the newly released visuals for the single at the end of the post.

“Bad” F/ Floozy & Vela

The production here is insane. The booming foundation, climactic musical elements, deliberate tempo, and sleek vibe make for a five star mix. The hook is of a high quality as well. The vocals are pitch perfect and the lyrics are suave. The verses are of a grade A nature. Louie attacks the mic on the first verse and Floozy slays the second. Each artist delivers his own marked flow, creative wordplay, and satisfactory rhymes. The fellas show their appreciation for beautiful women while at the same time conveying the message that they too are quite the catch. Peep as Louie Z spits: “I’m too f–king raw. So I don’t f–k them broads, too risky. B–ch please. She riding dirty. I’m flipping Alicia’s keys. I Swiss Beatz that pussy. I get deeper then she push me. Oh s–t, now we swerving. I got a down b–ch. I got her serving. She keep quiet. But she peep game. I can tell that the b–ch learning.” Nasty bars being put forth by the young emcee right there. All in all, this is another killer selection. A video for this cut would be pretty ill.

“The Wrong One”

The production here is toned down quite a bit in comparison to the other highlighted tracks. But make no mistakes, it’s still hot. The mellow infrastructure, nuanced ingredients, strolling gait, and conservative vibe work suitably together. The hook is solid. The delivery is tidy and the lyrics are orthodox. The verses are gratifying. Louie presents a faultless flow, first-rate wordplay, and certifiable rhymes. In a very breezy manner, he let’s it be known that he is not the person to try and test. A handful of noteworthy lines are: “Felt the profit from hustling, I been up on it since. Pumping the gas. Police on my a** and got me tense. Checking my lights. Got me regretting getting tints. Damn, why the f–k did I do this? The government pulled me over looking for Louis. What? But I’m known as Louie Z though. F–king with the plug, they addressing me as Louisito. (…) Dots all by they eyes. I break it down to the T though. Killwaukee Presidito. Wrong n—a to veto.” One has to appreciate the story-telling within those bars as well as the innovative word usage in play. In the end, this record is a gem and a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: The Nak Musick family is an incredible look for Louie Z. This debut is the best I’ve heard him since I became a fan. He really brought his A game to the table and the team provided excellent assistance via the production, guest features, and so forth. I can’t think of a bad word to say about the album at all. I got to chop it up with Big Curse at site’s anniversary event last month and he said everyone really poured a lot of effort into this project. It definitely shows. Readers need to visit Sound Cloud asap and give it a listen in it’s entirety. -MinM

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