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D’Alexander – “The Great” (Video)

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“The Great” (listen/download)

Rapper D’Alexander has released another single/video in lieu of his pending EP, The Great. It is actually the project’s title track and the third official leak. The song was produced by Steve Alien. The production here is a lot more reserved than the previous leaks from the album. The gentle foundation, discreet background elements, and passive tempo mesh agreeably together. The hook is fair too. The delivery is demure and the lyrics are simple. The verses are solid. D’Alexander retains his hushed flow, fusing it with adequate wordplay and estimable rhymes. He does a noteworthy job of conveying the memo that success is his only option in life. Overall, this is a decent effort.

The video is a joint product of Arsenal Animation and Most High Films.  There is no set concept or storyline to follow. However, the makeup of the visuals still manages to  draw the viewer in. It is comprised of a variety of subtly colored images set against a black backdrop. Throughout the flick, D’Alexander’s likeness appears in the forefront or alongside of the images. Television sets with an array of subjects displayed are a reoccurring motif in the piece. An LED style piano is another standout item as well as the occasional LED style sign with lyrics. The video ceases with a close up shot of the earlier mentioned piano and then fades. As a whole, it’s a cool artistic watch.

**My Two Cents: This song & video provided a different look for D’Alexander. I dig it. I liked the whole nonchalant vibe that was in play. My only critique is that the lyrics could have been a tad bit stronger. The song has a good message behind it, so stepping things up a notch would have really drove it home. Otherwise, no complaints. The video was on point too. The set up was a very inventive move. I surely think readers should check out both when they get a chance. -MinM

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