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EZ Money – King Of All Kings (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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King Of All Kings (listen/download)

As first place winner of the Milwaukee edition of the Mid-West Blog Tour and due to the fact that The Illixer is a proud supporter of the Brewed Fresh Records brand, decided it was time to give rapper EZ Money some solo shine. And what better way than to present his debut mixtape to readers? The tape is labeled King Of All Kings and includes a total of 18 tracks with guest appearances by names such as Rockz Solid, Trunk Bussa, RA, etc. The title sets a pretty high standard for the tape. Does EZ deliver? Continue reading after the jump to find out.

“Chill Tonight” F/ Rockz Solid

The production here is pleasant. The soft infrastructure, light musical ingredients, mid-tempo pace, and mellow vibe make for a rewarding combination. The hook is likeable too. The delivery has a subtle melody to it and the lyrics are incomplex. The verses are good. EZ speaks his piece on the first verse and Rockz represents for the ladies on the second. Both artists come with carefree flows, befitting wordplay, and proper rhymes. They do an excellent job of conveying the sentiments of a couple in an idealistic relationship. A handful of lines worth noting from EZ are: “Can we chill tonight? And play a movie on Netflix. The best stress reliever is you along side of some bud. I’m in the yellow pages looking for some food. We can grub while we wait. Baby-girl let’s just have us some fun. Wait, before you throw that pillow. I’m breaking down that green trying to fill that cigarillo. Cause everything’s better when high.” Those bars have all the makings of a very smooth and enticing type of night that would be perfect with that special someone. In the end, this song gets two thumbs up.

“Look @ U”

The production here is hot. The weighted bass, sensational secondary components, deliberate pace, and foreboding vibe result in an undeniable mix. The hook goes in too and appears solely at the end of the song. The delivery is aggressive and the lyrics are bold. There is only one verse on this record. The extended piece is adequate. EZ exhibits a low slightly raspy flow, charged wordplay, and passionate rhymes. He holds nothing back as he touches base on: his dedication to his career, the questionable behavior of others, his feelings towards his loved ones, and more. He clearly vocalizes that he is not to be taken casually. Peep it as he spits: “I’ve been a fool thinking I could make it rapping. When half my city do what I do and they be snapping. And don’t think that ya boy intimidated. I got hope. Even a young cat like Simba made it. Good herb can keep ya boy stimulated. And a cup full of Hennessy. Bottoms up for n—as hating. Yeah bottoms up for you n—as that’s hating, I feel for you. We all trying to make it. My brothers I kill for you.” Those are some tough true to life bars being spit right there. Overall, this selection is a banger.

“Lesson #1”

The production here is lethal. The hardcore foundation, daunting musical elements, energetic rhythm, and serious vibe connect together flawlessly. The hook is conventional. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are pointed. The verses are favorable. EZ serves up a superior flow, street wordplay, and well-bred rhymes. He definitely captures the listener’s attention as he imparts his perspective on a very crucial hood lesson. Some lines worth observing include: “See snitches get stitches. In my circle ain’t no b—hes. Just some real a** n—as. See we do this for a purpose. Save ya preaching for the churches. What ya speaking just ain’t worth it. We ain’t hearing ya s–t. This that beat to make you toss up. Beat that make you f–k around and wanna put ya boss up. That real a** s–t. Milwaukee County, 4-1-4, Murda Mil a** s–t. Snitching over here? No, you can kill that quick.” EZ went ham in those bars right there. All in all, this effort is a smash as well as a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: King Of All Kings is a striking debut. So I have to say that yes EZ Money did indeed live up to the expectations established by the title. The production was ace, the content was satisfying, and the guest appearances were just right. EZ could package his rhymes together just a little bit smoother and he could switch up his flow more often, but as a whole he nailed it. I definitely see why Rockz tapped him to be a part of the BFR team. Readers need to give the entire tape an ear pronto. -MinM

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