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Klassik – “StageSlayer” (Video)

by Pooh Bailey

unnamed(Photo By Klass Act Production)

After releasing three EPs: Summer, Spring, and Winter, Klassik decided to bless us with the first visuals from his upcoming LP, Seasons. The video is for the single “StageSlayer.”

First a StageSlayer, according to Klassik, is a special individual with the fortitude and artistry to conquer any size stage set in their path. The video is packaged by Nick Drew of Couch Fire Films. And it was shot at Hotel Foster here in Milwaukee. The concept of the video is to show how one goes about slaying the stage. The video was cool. Seen some familiar faces and Klassik’s bop throughout the video makes you want to throw on R. Kelly’s “Step In The Name of Love.” It was simple and you can easily figure out how the video ends. Which is great for this song. The only negative thing I can say about this video is that his friends need to watch a tutorial on two-stepping. Then again capturing folks in their natural state is another reason to watch this video. Klassik has that it factor and it was on display in this flick. This song and video are a little more proof that Klassik will be a ‘StageSlayer’ for many more years to come. -Pooh Bailey

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