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Julio The Poet – “Cali”

by Pooh Bailey

CaliArtwork(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Meet Julio The Poet. A 21 year old rapper/poet from Charlotte/Greensboro, North Carolina. He is one half of the group Josh & Julio The Poet. Additionally, he is cited as being heavily influenced by the: funk infused sounds of Outkast, stories of The Fugees, militant nature of Public Enemy, and unpolished flair of Jadakiss. Julio’s newest offering is titled “Cali.” The song has a soulful beat with a smooth delivery. It is a nice track, but needs a little work.

With a title like “Cali,” I was expecting a huge California vibe. Instead it sounds very Dungeon Family, meaning it sounds very Georgia. The production by Rey Calidad is good, but it needed some G-Funk. A song about going to Cali (or wishing to go) should sound like one. And even though the lyricism was cool, it could’ve been stepped up a bit. The punchlines were there but it was like it was shadowboxing instead of following completely through. All in all, Julio the Poet is a nice rapper who has a lot of potential. “Cali” is a good start, but his next track has got to be a monster. -Pooh Bailey


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