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Kendrick Lamar – “HUMBLE.” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

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Kendrick Lamar is back and stirring up the Hip-Hop world after being gone for just over a year or so now. He started the commotion with the surprise release of his single “The Heart Part 4” about two weeks ago. It’s an aggressive tune set to a smooth beat that left listeners speculating if Kendrick is taking shots at their favorite rappers (Big Sean / Drake) and if we are about to be blessed with a new LP. He then added fuel to the fire with the quick follow up release of his track “HUMBLE.,” which he rolled out via video just a few short days ago.

“HUMBLE.” is produced by Mike Will Made It, who slaughters behind the boards on this one. The Hard Rock style opening is an immediate shock to the senses and it seamlessly gives way to an alternative infrastructure with heavy hitting musical elements and a no-nonsense vibe. The hook is simple yet it makes an impact. The delivery is sharp and the lyrics are raw. The verses are compelling. Kendrick Lamar brings his signature flow with quick wordplay and controversial rhymes. He ironically takes a stance that is anything but modest while at the same time commenting on the current state of affairs. For example he spits: “I’m so f–king sick and tired of the photo shop. Show me something natural like afro on Richard Pryor. Show me something natural like a** with some stretch marks. Still a take you down right on yo mama couch in Polo socks. Aye, this s–t way too crazy. Aye, you do not amaze me. “ The first part of those bars appears to be a colorful call to women to embrace themselves as is which is a positive thing. However, they have managed to have quite the opposite effect and in fact are being hailed as offensive. Wild, right? As a whole, this is a banging record. Brilliant move on K. Dot’s part to leak it.

As mentioned earlier, Lamar hit us with “HUMBLE.” by unleashing the visuals for the track. The video is directed by Dave Meyers & The Little Homies. The flick is packed full of special effects and symbolism. Some of the more striking of which are of a religious nature: Lamar decked out in Pope style fashion and a hood version of The Last Supper. Viewers have been taken by a scenario that sees the West Coast rapper surrounded by figures dressed in all black with fiery ropes wrapped around their heads. Lamar’s head is on fire too minus the rope dressing. All of the optical magic is flawlessly executed and ties right in with the hype nature of the single. In the end, the video is definitely a must see.

**My Two Cents: I am here for this nervy version of Kendrick Lamar and all of the drama that comes with it. Hip-Hop needs some good discussions and quality beefs. I thoroughly enjoyed both of the new releases but “HUMBLE.” is my fave. The in your face essence of the song is just everything to me and the video is pretty creative. Dave Meyers is a beast behind the camera. And K. Dot is not done with us just yet. Rumor has it that Kendrick Lamar is prepping another big release for this coming Friday (4/7). I’m not sure what it is but I can’t wait to find out. He’s winning so far and they say the third time is a charm. What are your thoughts on the new Kendrick tunes? Are you checking for a full length album or nah? Leave us a word or two in the comments section below and let us know what you think. -MinM

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