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Vita – “Can’t Turn Away”

by Miracle

(Artwork By Erin Ludwig)

Figured since it has been a while that a new female artist was featured on the site, that readers would appreciate being introduced to one. So ladies & gents meet Vita. Vita is a soulful singer/songwriter from the East Coast. Yonkers, New York to be exact. She describes herself as young, ambitious, and gifted with the pen. She heard about The Illixer thru a fellow artist and reached out to share her latest creation. Said creation happens to be a single titled “Can’t Turn Away.” It is produced by sah D. and it is set to appear on Vita’s upcoming EP in the works, Aftermath.

The production here is dignified. The deep foundation, flattering musical ingredients, groovy rhythm, and old school style vibe result in a sound that one’s ears will never grow tired of hearing. There is no conventionally structured hook found on this cut. Instead, the theme and title are kind of interwoven throughout the piece. The vocals are soothing and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are fulfilling. Vita’s distinct rich harmonies paired with her seasoned lyrics are sure to grab a hold of the listener and not let go. She chronicles the journey of rekindling an old flame, including the efforts to avoid the scenario due to it’s unhealthy nature. She speaks from a personal experience with the hopes that anyone who has ever been young and in love can relate to her story. Lines like: “As I try to turn away. Baby I swear my mind was clear til you traced your hand across my face. Our lips, they lock. Feelings they rush, crashing over us like a wave. And I just can’t turn away;” paint such a vivid picture that they are sure to have the impact that Vita is going for. As a whole, this is an awesome choice for the first leak off of the pending EP.

**My Two Cents: Never got a submission via Instagram before but I’m super glad that Vita reached out. She is an extremely talented chick. Her voice is refreshing. Kind of reminiscent of a young Alicia Keys. And her pen game is everything she boasts it to be. I love the way she wrote “Can’t Turn Away.” It flows so effortlessly and when paired with the super mesmerizing production, it truly draws you into the story and you don’t even realize it until the music stops. I will definitely be keeping a close ear on Miss Vita and can’t wait to bring more of her dopeness to readers. Check her out asap, don’t sleep. -MinM

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