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Jon Briggz – “Tellaphoneman” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Milwaukee artist Jon Briggz recently hit the site with a fresh little something to share with readers. It’s a single complete with visuals coined “Tellaphoneman.” The record is produced by NOVA. Find out about the concept behind the song and more after the break.

The production here is polished. The filling base, smooth quirky musical ingredients, intermediate tempo, and subdued vibe fit together effortlessly. There is a brief appearance of a hook. It is of a winning quality. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are easy to remember. The lone verse is official. Jon Briggz comes thru with a fresh consistent flow, skilled wordplay, and point-blank rhymes. His goal was to somewhat reference the idea of the old school game “Telephone” and send a message to certain individuals who talk a bit more than they should. He nailed it which is made evident via lines like: “They more shady than Eminem. Stop talking bout me to him and him. You a dead man walking like Sean Penn. Get ’em out of my climate. I can’t have that on my conscience. So I’m a use this as leverage. F–k the nonsense and the rhetoric. I’m ahead of it.” One has to appreciate the flair of those bars right there. As a whole, this is a quick yet satisfying tune.

The video for the track is a joint product of District Redd and Jon Briggz himself. The premise for the piece is pretty transparent. Briggz takes to the more desolate locales of the city to convey his message. Couple that with his one of a kind wardrobe style as well as his colorful disposition and quite the vision is created. The flick winds down with some dramatic black & white shots before fading out to a quote by Italian crime lord John Franzese that wonderfully summarizes the intent of the record. Overall, the video makes for a proper representation of the song.

**My Two Cents: The only bad thing about “Tellaphoneman” is that the single is so short. I dig the concept and the production is great. The video is good too. Would’ve been better with locations that haven’t been used as much or with some type of dark/twisted special effects to give it more of a edge though. But readers need to check out both for sure. Looking forward to seeing what else Jon Briggz has up his sleeve musically throughout the course of 2017. -MinM

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