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Deezy Da Paperboy – “Lemonade”

by Miracle

Illinois artist Deezy Da Paperboy made his debut on the site a couple of years ago and has been keeping in contact ever since. Recently, he set forth a brand spanking new track dubbed “Lemonade.” The single serves as a promotional effort for Deezy’s upcoming album, Year Of The Paperboy. The LP can be expected sometime this Summer.

The production here is lit. The in your face bass-line, foreboding supporting details, creeping tempo, and haunting street style vibe make for an A-1 combination. There is no hook in the traditional sense on this record. Instead the title is periodically referenced throughout the track. The consecutive rhyming is sufficient. Deezy Da Paperboy adopts a raw explicit flow, concrete wordplay, and dominating rhymes. He passionately speaks on his come up in both the hustling and music realms. A few noteworthy lines include: “I’m just getting started. Boy don’t let me reach my peak. I been dipping in them drugs now. Drinking what I want now. I done got the plug. N—as calling for them fronts now. I done hit the light. Boy you can keep the shade. I just made a couple hundred. Cup of lemonade.” One has to appreciate the ambitious nature of those bars right there. All in all, this is a commendable way to get the buzz going for Deezy’s forthcoming album.

**My Two Cents: This is an official little track. The artwork is awesome, the production goes hard, and the content is straight too. I really like Deezy’s style & energy on this record. Both are infectious, you can’t help but to nod your head and/or turn up while listening. Sets a promising tone for Year Of The Paperboy. Looking forward to seeing what else the Mid-West talent has to bring to the table this Summer. -MinM

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