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Culture II (iTunes)

A 24-track Migos album is a rite of passage for a Hip-Hop lover. It’s like a triathlon for a runner. It’s a long, strenuous process that most people wouldn’t subject themselves to in one go, but those who do, honey, they are strong.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the three blind mice of rap, otherwise known as the Migos. They exploded onto the scene back in the early 2010s with their harmonious melodies and eccentric, ad-lid drenched flows. It was different and many people were drawn to their fresh perspective, myself included.

Over half a decade later, Migos is one of the biggest groups on the planet. They now get nominated for Grammys, create culturally significant singles (most notably, “Bad and Boujee“), and make incredible brand deals like this hilarious Apple’s Animoji collab that you’ve probably already seen on your Instagram feed.


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Kendrick Lamar is back and stirring up the Hip-Hop world after being gone for just over a year or so now. He started the commotion with the surprise release of his single “The Heart Part 4” about two weeks ago. It’s an aggressive tune set to a smooth beat that left listeners speculating if Kendrick is taking shots at their favorite rappers (Big Sean / Drake) and if we are about to be blessed with a new LP. He then added fuel to the fire with the quick follow up release of his track “HUMBLE.,” which he rolled out via video just a few short days ago.

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This isn’t your daddy’s ‘jacking for beats.’ This is more telling a story over three different beats. Ay-Rock is back on the site with his “Trilogy” freestyle. The emcee strategically freestyles over three beats in one. Those beats include: Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Big Sean’s “Paradise,” and DJ Khaled‘s “How Many Times.”

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Meet Theodis Soul, a Brooklyn-born and Houston raised rapper who happens to be a member of the Divine Atoms collective. Theodis is a Southern rapper with a Mid-West swag. Especially when he experiments with the traditional roots of Hip-Hop. That brings us to his new release, “Paraphernalia.” Theodis Soul has crafted this track as a rendition of “Hotel California” by The Eagles. With Canadian producer Omito on the boards, Theodis begins to weave a story of a lifestyle that we all can see/relate to.

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Up and coming Chicago rapper T.Z. released his mixtape L.I.T. (Life Is Tremendous) not too long ago. He has told us that this mixtape shows his own creation of Psychedelic Gangsta Rap. So think of Cypress Hill or early Snoop Dogg. Using his own team of producers, T.Z. takes us on a trip of what it takes to make it in Chi-City. It seems like the usual money, hoes, clothes, and dro themes but it has an Alice in Homieland twist.