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Kal’L – “Beautiful Nightmare”

by Miracle

(Photo By Kal’L)


Kal’L is just coasting right along in his new song campaign. His latest offering is colorfully titled “Beautiful Nightmare.” It was produced by Shah Bros of WB Records. Kal’L describes the meaning behind the track as follows: “The story of a person who’d rather live in their DREAMS where they’re still together with the person they love rather than in the REALITY of being ALONE. This only leaves ’em with the experience of a BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE.” That is a very intriguing summary of the song. Especially when adding to it is the unique fact that Kal’L did not intend this song for himself but instead for beloved troubled songstress Rihanna. Specifically during her Chris Brown drama era. Really drives the curiosity up a notch, right?

The production here is efficient. It has a quiet foundation laced with lithe background elements and a sullen vibe. Given the nature of the song and who it was written for, the beat could have been just a tad darker or edgier though. Those were signature elements in Ri Ri’s music during her Chris Brown fiasco. The hook is telling. The vocals are sentimental and the lyrics spell out the theme of the track perfectly. The verses continue the revealing trend. Kal’L lays down heavyhearted yet consummate vocals with elaborate lyrics. He creates strong illustrations with his words as he reflects on his past relationship. He laments: “I wake up every morning hoping that you’re next to me. And when you’re not it hits me that it was all just a dream. Although it felt so real. Nothing’s really what it seems. It seems that things will never be quite how they used to be.” Quite a rude awakening taking place in those lines. Overall, this song is a gem and great practice for Kal’s ultimate career goal. Which is to be a mainstream songwriter.

**My Two Cents: If there was more of a twisted element sonically, I can see Ri Ri all over this track for sure. I think it was a very creative undertaking on Kal’s part. I think he has better emotion based songs that he created for himself but all things considered this was a good offering. There aren’t many months left in the year but Kal’L has a lot of things in store like: a new EP, a surprise upgrade to his cover videos, a collaboration month, and more. Keep up with these and other ventures by liking his Facebook Page. -MinM

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