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Freddy Hefner – “New Body”

by Miracle

(Photos By Kyle J.)

“New Body” (listen/download)

Freddy Hefner is a rising star who resides in New York City by way of Los Angeles, CA. The 21 year old talent is building a brand all her own via a vocal style called strap. Strap is derived from the term strapper which is used to describe someone who is both a singer and a rapper. Hefner defines the style as a stylish flow that blends: Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop while delivering an inviting sound that encourages the listener to join in.

At the moment, she is pushing a single called “New Body.” The track was produced by K. Roosevelt. The production is choice. The core is super smooth. The medium pace and polished musical elements are a great compliment. The hook is prime. The vocals are savvy and the lyrics are infectious. The verses are sufficient. They are a mixture of singing and rapping. The vocal portions are fine. Hefner has a pleasing melody going on and the lyrics are quality. On the other hand the rhyming sections are delivered well but could have been more creative. As is, they are fair but the sung parts of the song are a lot stronger. Miss Hefner just had a lot more conviction in her voice as she crooned about her new boy toy. A few memorable lines include: “He keep a fitted hat. I’m digging that. He so cold need Dimetapp. Just smoke weed, no cigarette. He play ball. He good at that. He got a v that lead to his thing. And he rock tattoos. No set, real smooth.” That’s a nicely detailed portrait right there. Overall, this track is a smash. Needs some minor tweaking but it’s still slick and super catchy.

**My Two Cents: Freddy is a cute girl and I’m digging her style. She has a wonderful singing voice and her rhymes are solid. All she needs is a little more flair in her raps and she would be golden. I’m definitely interested in hearing more of her music. This particular single is a hit. Readers should check it out for themselves too though. Catch Freddy on the web via her website. -MinM

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