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Jevy – Cigars & Ciroc (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Cigars & Ciroc (listen/download)

Back in the Summer time, readers were introduced to an artist by the name of Jevy. He was putting on for both Washington and California while making waves with his crew, Take Off Movement Entertainment Group. A little while ago he set forth a new project, Cigars & Ciroc. It’s a mixtape that boasts 13 new tracks. Get a sample of what the tape encompasses after the jump.

“Blue Sky Remix”

This track is Jevy’s take on the Chicago emcee Common‘s single of the same name. For those who are not familiar with the song, the production is fresh. It is an uptempo number with soulful background vocals and rich secondary elements. The hook from the original version is also utilized for this remix. The verses are all Jevy and they turned out adequately. Jevy delivers a commanding flow, somber wordplay, and confident rhymes. He lays out his vision of success for the listener in vigorous detail. He spits: “The world is mine. I don’t settle for limitations. Hip-Hop is back and it’s time for a renovation. N—as acting like they ain’t got no imagination. But I bet you they can picture me taking over the nation. People keep asking me, how is it that I’m rapping? I tell ’em it’s what happen when talents are overlapping.” That was a strong way to kick off the track. Overall, this was a suitable remix.

“Got My Racks Up”

The production here is supreme. It includes a sample of “Hello Good Morning” by former Bad Boy Records group Dirty Money. The beat has an intense foundation, speedy rhythm, and club anthem vibe. The hook is original work and pretty stable. The delivery is perfectly timed to the production and the lyrics are straight to the point. The verses are satisfying. Jevy offers a rugged flow, nimble wordplay, and well balanced rhymes. He does a priceless job of flexing his lyrical aptitude in a magnetic fashion. Noteworthy lines include: “Spitting in the game like I’m playing for the Marlins. They love me in the streets. This is feeling like New Orleans. Running through the game. All these other n—as crawling. My network is good. I can hear that money calling. Ain’t no doubt about it. I was born to be a star.” Some hotshot words being conveyed right there. In the end, this was another finely done remake.

“Tonight Remix”

The production here is stellar. It calls on a sample of R&B singer John Legend‘s smash hit single, “Tonight (Best You Ever Had).” So it is a slow mellow number which is a major change from the earlier reviewed tracks. The hook is taken from the original record as well with secondary input from Jevy. The verses are conventional. Jevy serves up a tranquil flow and conservative rhymes. He takes things on a bit of the personal route as he ponders over his career and his future. A couple of worthwhile lines are: “That boy fly but he never really learned to land. So just imagine what I do if I just get a chance. I’m shining bright. You gotta squint just to take a glance. I’m ambitious not a victim of my circumstance. That’s on my life. They spinning Jevy in the South of France.” Intricate collection of words located within those bars. All in all, this was a fair track and a pleasing way to close out the tape.

**My Two Cents: Cigars & Ciroc was an enjoyable effort. I think Jevy really did a fantastic job with some of the remixes. Also, he seems to have stepped his rhyme game up too. That is always a positive thing. I certainly feel that readers will find a track or two to jam if they take a moment and give the tape an ear. Readers should go ahead and visit Jevy’s website too while they’re at it. -MinM

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