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Jevy – Fahrenheit 2K12 (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Fahrenheit 2K12

Jevy was born in Seattle, WA but is currently residing in San Diego, CA. He is well traveled though which reflects in his flexible style and sound. Jevy began to get serious about music once he entered college. He studied the arts and also joined a Hip-Hop group called The Alliance. The group saw a lot of success, achieving things such as opening for major artists, working with Grammy nominated producers, and more. However, the group eventually parted ways. In 2011 Jevy and some close friends formed a company called the Take Off Movement Entertainment Group. After two mixtape ventures and a favorable tour, Jevy and his Take Off Movement Entertainment Group began to make a buzz in the music scene. Their current goal is to land  tour opportunities where Jevy will be able to share his craft via his new album with both new and old fans. The title of the new album is Fahrenheit 2K12 and the scoop on a few tracks off of the project can be found after the jump.


The production here is fly. It contains a strong knock, a couple of different musical elements, and a high energy vibe. The hook is good. The delivery is crisp and the lyrics are solid. The verses are on point as well. Jevy brings a speedy flow, witty wordplay, and  dope rhymes. He does an excellent job of showing off his confidence and giving the listener some insight into how he feels about his career. Check it as he spits: “Besides getting money I’m gone get your respect. You gotta have both if you want to be the best. I’m focused on music and making these hits. Cause I know I got a team that will handle all the rest. The way that I see it man it gotta be a sign that I’m killing these n—as. I ain’t even in my prime. Told me I changed cause it’s money on my mind. But when I was dead broke, wouldn’t give a dime.” Those are some raw lines right there. Overall, this song is a banger and an enlightening way to begin the tape.

“Waiting For My Cue”

This track takes on a completely different tone than the previous song. The production here is quality. It features a  smooth R&B style with light background sounds and a slow tempo. The hook is flawless. The vocals have a very pleasing harmony to them and the lyrics are sweet. The verses are great. Jevy has a clean relaxed flow and alluring rhymes. He makes a very candid plea to a lady he’s interested in to leave her bad situation and give him a try. Memorable lines include: “Your girls telling you to leave but you ain’t down. Cause you swimming in that drama and you might drown. And I could be your lifeguard right now. All I need is the cue to go and I’m a put in work, no cubicles. Give you all the things that you need the most. And make sure you know that you’re beautiful.” Deep words spit straight from the heart. In the end, this song is another winner and a favorite off of the tape.

“Where Did The Music Go”

This song is a remix of a single with the same name by artists J.K & Chris Lee. The production here is the same as the original but choice. It includes a mid-tempo rhythm, some graceful instrumentation, and a serene vibe. The hook is stellar and also sampled from the original cut. The vocals are perfectly in tune with the beat and the lyrics are real. They nail the attitude that a lot of people have towards music these days right on the head. Peep it: “Where did it go? Where can I find it? Don’t even listen to the radio. It’s like nobody tries, that’s why nobody buys anymore. Is it still in the stores? Let me know. Where did the music go?” Powerful sentiment reflected in those words. The verses are solid. Jevy delivers a clear consistent flow, decent wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He did a fair job of complimenting the theme of the track but could have been a little more creative. This song has an honorable purpose behind it and it would have been nice to hear Jevy go all out on this one. All in all, this is a fine number. It could have been better in some parts but it’s still worth a few listens.

**My Two Cents: Fahrenheit 2K12  is a nice little project as a whole. It has a lot of diverse content, a variety of production, and Jevy makes a respectable contribution. It has something that everyone can enjoy, even those who are not too big on Hip-Hop. I think it will work out well as a tour album for Jevy. And if he can make his rhymes just a little more intricate, he has the potential to be around for a while. Don’t believe everything you read though. Click the link and give the tape a listen. Be sure to check out Jevy’s website too while you’re at it. -MinM

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