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Exclusive: Kia Rap Princess – “Save Your Love”

by Miracle

474772_426812710678064_1677575081_o(Photo By Steve White)

“Save Your Love” (listen/download)

2012 was a hugely successful year for Milwaukee based femcee Kia Rap Princess. She went in on countless stages, won numerous competitions, dropped Heiress To The Throne – Volume 2, and so much more. She’s been quiet lately but is cooking up some promising new ventures for 2013. Among said ventures includes experimenting with her sound a little bit. She already dabbles in singing but she’s looking to step a little further out of her comfort zone into the realm of Alternative music. So as an early holiday treat and just to see how her fans receive a different version of her, The Illixer decided to share an exclusive unreleased single dubbed, “Save Your Love.”

The production here is atypical. It is composed of dramatic musical ingredients, a leisurely gait, and a shadowy vibe. The hook is favorable. Kia presents very unique vocal work and the lyrics are catching. The verses are offbeat yet of sterling quality. Kia continues to lace the track with her distinct vocals and provides provocative lyrics. She speaks on trying to hold on to a love that the world seems determined to take away from her through dark expressive imagery. She deplores: “Demons lurking on this earth. I said trying to get next to ya girl. And yeah a lot of people said that we wouldn’t work. But its just me and you against this world.” Very strong picture being painted in those lines right there. Overall, this song is a hit. Kia reached way outside of the box for this one and owned it. Can you say, Kia Rock Princess?

**My Two Cents: So this was a song locked in Kia’s vault of tunes that she had fun recording but never planned to actually release. However, the different sound was so dope to me that I had to make sure other people heard it too. So after much debate, I was given the green light to go ahead and drop it. Kia has bars for a lifetime but she has the potential to shine in other fields as well. This single is proof. Agree, disagree, can’t decide? Drop a line in the comments section and share your thoughts. And be sure to keep up with Kia via her website or on Facebook. -MinM

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