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Snow Tha Product – Good Nights & Bad Mornings (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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Good Nights & Bad Mornings (listen/download)

December 12th was a big deal to the rest of the world because of the trippy number sequence. However, for those in the Hip-Hop community it meant that beloved female emcee Snow Tha Product would finally be releasing her long awaited mixtape, Good Nights & Bad Mornings. She put in a ton of promo work, leaked a few singles, dropped a video, and pushed a few different trailers for the project. And it was all worth it. The 10 track offering is a winner from beginning to end as it pertains to the sound quality and the content. Continue reading for the best of the best off of the tape.

“F–k Tha Rent”

The production here is exceptional. It is made up of: a low lying bass, inconspicuous musical elements, and a super composed vibe. The hook is of superior quality. The delivery is a continuation of the laid back aura and the lyrics are winsome. The verses are authentic. Snow contributes a non-abrasive flow, pure wordplay, and champion rhymes that are easy to identify with. She presents a vulnerable side to herself as she speaks on having no worries, her plans once she makes it, and more. Some compelling lines include: “I dropped out of college. But I resurfaced with new beats and verses. They checking out my bars. They got me daydreaming about cars. And getting me and all of my friends on. Got a girl like f–k the world. F–k the world. It’s just me and my crew. And we all sitting on this ledge. Overlooking the city with a bunch of brew. And we high off life cause ain’t much to do.” Finely crafted words right there that anyone chasing a dream can connect with. Overall, this track was a smash. And it shows off a rare side of Snow which adds even more to it’s appeal.

“Lord Be With You”

This track was leaked a few days before the tape dropped. It was a hit amongst fans at the time and is still resonating as a favorite. The production here is ill. It entails a collection of temperate quality parts that generate a businesslike vibe. The hook is grand. The delivery is dressed down and the lyrics are cautionary. The verses are of a blue-chip condition. Snow presents a jagged flow, gutsy wordplay, and optimum rhymes. She let’s it be known that just because she’s an attractive female doesn’t mean she can’t hustle with the best of them. A few lines that catch the ear are: “Selling coke on the coast and you know we gone go and get them b–ches paid. I had a cousin named Diana. She know that arm and hammer. She smoke weed but never bama. And she so Hannah Montana. Yeah that white girl with that mass appeal. I had a hoe in 09 and her a** was real. On Craigslist, yeah b–ch. Yeah we had a deal. She crazy, paid me to post ads and chill.” Coarse tale being proclaimed by Snow in those bars. All in all, this song flourishes and it is easy to comprehend why Snow’s supporters love it so much.

“Bad Mornings”

This is the final record on the tape. The production here is genial. The lightly knocking foundation, mid-tempo pace, and poised vibe serve as a real delicacy for the ears. The hook is sophisticated. The delivery has a nice melodic principle to it and the lyrics are evident. The verses are adept. Snow exhibits a reserved flow and intimate rhymes. She once again opens up to the listener, giving a more detailed account of her journey as an aspiring emcee. She articulates: “So instead of simply being happy for me. There’s just some haters that much rather see me back to the streets. And back to struggling for money. And back to having cds up in my back pack. And selling them. Pitching them one by one. They want me to backtrack to when I was struggling, selling none. I used to wish that I could live it up touring and having fun. Now I’m on the top floor and got my haters looking up.” Very personal sentiments being shared by Snow. It should be noted that there is a mellifluous break that follows each verse. So Snow flaunts her vocal skills a lot on this cut. In the end, this is a stirring effort and model way to close out the tape.

**My Two Cents: Snow said in a few interviews that her goal with Good Nights & Bad Mornings was to let people in on both sides of her life. The partying, making music, doing shows, etc; equate to good nights. The never ending grind, constant battle for respect, harsh realities, etc; equate to bad mornings. She did an infallible job of accomplishing said goal. Good Nights & Bad Mornings is her best work to date. The production was deftly picked and the content was superlative. Snow really stepped her game all the way up on this one. But readers should certainly make their own decision about the tape and listen for themselves. Readers can get “woke” with Snow via: the web, Facebook, and Twitter. -MinM

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