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J Hyphen – “Conquer It All”

by Miracle

39304_272809316173275_939864479_n(Photo By Steve White)

“Conquer It All” (preview)

It’s been about a year since rapper J Hyphen came across the site’s radar. Since that time he has: been hard at work sharpening his skills, rocked a few stages, and even became an official member of the Blaqlizt Entertainment family. A little bit ago, he laced the net with a brand new single. The song is called “Conquer It All.” The production here is hot. It consists of a fierce core, energetic rhythm, and a gritty vibe. The hook is fine. The delivery is nice and neat. The lyrics leave a lasting impression. The verses are proficient. Hyphen dishes out a raspy enthralling flow, canny wordplay, and cohesive rhymes. He provides a prominent ideal of an individual who is on their grind and making moves. A few noticeable lines include: “I’m up early every morning with stretching that turn to yawning. Brain farts, gears switch, grind mode. Pimping I’m on it. What the f–k is you on? (…) No bulls–t in my life. I cut it out like a coupon. Been saving on the moments to rack dough like I’m Lou Rawls.” Some savvy spitting coming from Hyphen in those bars. All in all, this was a benevolent effort and certainly worth checking out.

**My Two Cents: J Hyphen has definitely grown as an artist since we last heard from him. His rhymes are a lot more engaging and creative. His stage presence has grown as well. If he continues to work hard and step his game up, he will do just fine in this music game.  Readers can find J Hyphen on Facebook and Reverb Nation. -MinM

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