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Milwaukee Monstaz – “Mind Of My Fist”

by Miracle

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“Mind Of My Fist” (preview)

Well rounded old school style emcee Taiyamo Denku has decided to strengthen his arsenal and join forces with another like minded emcee in Milwaukee. His chosen partner in crime goes by the name of Maximus Da Mantis. Mantis is a long time Milwaukee based emcee who makes music that works the mind. Touching on everything from political topics to positive messages; he is all about the people. He and Denku have teamed up and dubbed themselves Milwaukee Monstaz. They have an album in the works, Diseased Concepts, and recently dropped their first single called, “Mind Of My Fist.”

The production here is appeasing to the ears. The hearty bass, various reticent components, median pace, and neutral vibe all come together accordingly. The hook is kosher. The delivery has a serious no-nonsense tone to it and the lyrics are original. The verses are select. Denku owns the first portion of the track and Mantis finishes things off on a high note. Both emcees serve up singularized flows, highbrow wordplay, and elaborate rhymes. The duo do a supreme job of showcasing what their music and style are all about. In the end, this was a dignified debut record.

**My Two Cents: This single is for sure unlike anything else out right now. I think Denku and Mantis make for a dope pair. Their roots in real genuine Hip-Hop and uncommon approaches to music will make Diseased Concepts an invigorating album. Props to the fellas for holding down the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene in a fresh way. -MinM

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