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Louie Z F/ YF The Kid – “Dedication” (Video)

by Miracle

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As mentioned in a previous post, rapper Louie Z currently has two videos in rotation. The rundown on the first one can be found here. The second one is for a single titled, “Dedication” and it features fellow rapper YF The Kid. The song is hot. The production is of premium quality. It is made up of sunken components, a passive tempo, and a street vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is captivating and the lyrics are fierce. The verses are superior. YF The Kid gets things started and Louie Z takes care of the rest. Both rappers came with reposed flows, astute wordplay, and chief hood rhymes. The duo provide perfect examples of why they are few steps ahead of the rest. Peep the visuals below.


This video was done by the notorious Sergio Soprano of EsGee Films. The concept is another effortless one to comprehend. It basically centers around Louie Z and YF The Kid meandering about in a rugged structure of sorts. Additionally, there is a black and white reoccurring scene that features the two going in amongst cool word graphics. The scene is one of the highlights of the flick. The piece is heightened by the twosome’s breezy mannerisms. Overall, this was a fine offering for a choice track.

**My Two Cents: I was seriously feeling both this song and video. Both were on point from start to finish. This is definitely the stronger of the releases from Louie Z, in my opinion. But readers should watch it for themselves and form their own conclusions. Catch up with Louie Z in the social networking world here. -MinM

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