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ItsYaBoiH2 – Button Pusher (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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 Button Pusher (listen/download)

ItsYaBoiH2 first appeared on the site back in April via his mixtape No Brakes. Since that time he has continued to work hard at his craft. A little while ago, he unleashed some brand new music for his supporters. His new project is titled Button Pusher and it contains 19 fresh tracks with a healthy dose of guest appearances from his affiliates. So did H2 step it up a notch from his previous tape? Find out after the jump.

“Pushin Buttons”

This track was produced by Juss J. It opens with a brief yet amusing clip. From there the song kicks into full gear. The production here is dope. It consists of: a steady bass, dominating sound effects, and a high energy vibe. The hook is fire. The delivery is proper and the lyrics are slick. It goes: “They call me a glutton. Cause every beat I eat up. And this s–t I drop is disgusting. Showing my a** out in public. And you can catch a concussion so please don’t come around. I’m just pushing your buttons. But nah I ain’t f–king around!” Really nice verbalism right there. The verses are solid. H2 comes with an animated flow, witty wordplay, and adequate rhymes. He spits with no remorse about getting under people’s skin and enjoying every minute of it. It’s a vivid display of the roguish side of his persona. Overall, this was an interesting track and opener for the tape.

“If I’m Alright (I’m Not)”

This song was produced by RBS. The production here is a delight. It is made up of: serene instrumentation, an unhurried pace, and a stoic vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is mellifluous and the lyrics are slightly emotional. The verses are decent. H2 exhibits a spic-and-span flow, harsh wordplay, and quality rhymes. He opens up to his female companion about his discontent with their relationship. He reveals: “But as much as I hide it. It’s still so clear to me that something’s changed. That little bitty tingle that I used to get all up in my brain. It just don’t feel the same. Maybe it’s cause I switched up my aim. I been f–ked up. Snorting the fine line between love and lust. What we had was so special. So sorry dear but ain’t no us.” Very strong feelings being shared via those bars. All in all this was a legitimate offering.


This cut was produced by DJ Papito. The production here is ill. The weighted knock, aggressive secondary ingredients, and menacing vibe fit together precisely. The hook is on point too. The delivery has some character to it and the lyrics are tight. The verses are salutary. H2 serves up a hostile flow and rugged rhymes. He conveys the message that he is on a mission to dominate over the weaker collective of rappers in the game. He states: “Rappers taking shots. Let me fill in the blanks. Cause when we fall off in this b–ch they all fin’ to faint. They wanna pop they trunk. I jump off in my tank. I’m so over these b–ches floating, Thanksgiving Day parade. Y’all getting paid. You getting played like a 45. In other words you’re still around. But I can’t say that you’ll survive.” Undaunted words being put forth in those lines. In the end,  this track was a success.

“King Who”

This is another RBS produced record. The production here is epic. The powerful components, flair of the rhythm, and casual vibe are all sonically gratifying. The hook is sufficient. The delivery is diverse and the lyrics are standard. However, it is a little hard to hear over the beat. So cutting the beat down a tad would give it more of a presence. The verses are modest. H2 dishes out his signature flow and edgy rhymes. He expands on what gives him king status and how he feels about those who aren’t lucky enough to be considered regal. As a whole, this track is worth a listen for sure.

**My Two Cents: Button Pusher is a becoming project. The production was of high quality. The content was versatile in subject matter and about a grade B in quality. So ItsYaBoiH2 should be proud of this one. Fans of his work will fancy the tape and others will have to give it a complete listen to accurately make a decision. Those interested in more with the Tennessee rapper can catch him on Twitter. -MinM

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