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Emmitt James F/ Pizzle – “Coercion”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Coercion” F/ Pizzle (listen/download)

Emmitt James and his partner I.X. Matthew have once again teamed up with local favorite Pizzle. This time Pizzle took the mic along with Emmitt and I.X. handled the production. The result of the trio’s work is a song titled “Coercion.” The title was inspired by the definition of the term which according to the dictionary is: use of force, power, or intimidation to obtain compliance. The single will be featured on Emmitt’s upcoming mixtape, Until I’m A Dead Poet.

The production here is superior. The subdued foundation and gradual tempo create a peaceful vibe. The hook is ornate. The delivery is meticulous and the lyrics are earnest. The verses are exceptional. Emmitt James blows away the first two and Pizzle demolishes the third. Both enlist spirited flows, gifted wordplay, and dignified rhymes. They definitely show and prove that they have some authority on the mic. A few lines worth recognizing from Emmitt James are: “And it hurts I’m only half the man I pray I am. So I’m scared that I’m none of the stuff they say I am. I got love for Obama because he says we can. And put my faith in my art because I know I am. About to blow up. Wait a minute. Hold up. They tried to destroy us because they couldn’t control us. That’s what happens when you grow up. You just tend to grow nuts.” Acute spitting going on within those bars. Overall, this song is a hit.

**My Two Cents: Emmitt, Pizzle, and I.X. Matthew are turning out to be a stunning trio. This offering was flawless. The production was perfect and the content was stellar. Until I’m A Dead Poet drops this month, so stay tuned to the site. Readers may also keep up with details about the pending project by checking Emmitt out on Tumblr and Twitter. -MinM

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