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Iron Rose – “Final Warning” (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

The Just (listen/download)

As briefly mentioned in the previous post, Illinois trio Iron Rose released another new video to help aid with the promotion of their new mixtape The Just. This second video is for a track off of the tape called, “Final Warning.” The song is a gritty number peppered with clever wordplay here and there, standard rhymes, and a street vibe. The visuals are a perfect compliment to the feel of the track. Give the piece a glance below.


The video opens with the trio standing around under a structure with graffiti covered walls. From there, the fellas are shown maneuvering throughout various locations in the city. What makes things so interesting is the subtle tribute to the legendary hood film Boyz N The Hood. The guys play out a small portion of the movie’s climatic and tragic ending. The video ends with a glimpse of the trio displaying some camaraderie while in a deserted area. And of course there is advertising for the new project. All in all, this was a neat video. The movie reenactment was a slick little idea. The Just is now available for free consumption via Band Camp. So go give it an ear.

**My Two Cents: Boyz N The Hood is one of my all time favorite flicks. So I really got a kick out of seeing Iron Rose taking on one of the most crucial parts in the movie. Of course it didn’t compare to the original but they did a good job of getting the concept across. And the song is not half bad either. If they added just a little more energy and complexity to their rhymes, the trio would be all set. For more with Iron Rose, readers can visit here. -MinM

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