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Warm Gun F/ Dave B. & International Mo B – “Ned Stark”

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

“Ned Stark” F/ Dave B. & International Mo B (listen/download)

Let’s venture outside of Milwaukee and meet Warm Gun from Washington. Warm Gun is a Hip-Hop artist/songwriter/producer. Though his style is rooted in Hip-Hop, he also draws influence from the genres of: R&B, Pop, Rock, and more. He likes to combine the different elements to give his music a versatile touch. He has been in the music game since 2004. He started off as part of a group and has now made the transition into being a solo artist. Additionally, he has 15 years of guitar experience under his belt and is well studied in music theory. That can be coupled with the fact that he has: generated three solo projects, released several music videos, and received high accolades from various popular online media sources. He holds quite the noble resume in his hands, so to speak.

At the moment he is working on creating a buzz for his new upcoming EP, Adventures II. The EP serves as a follow up to a project he released earlier this year titled, Adventures. The debut single off of Adventures II is a track called “Ned Stark.” The song is produced by Warm Gun himself and features Seattle artists Dave B. & International Mo B. The production here is five-star quality. It is made up of a variety of soulful musical components, a groovy medium pace, and a suave vibe. The hook is on point. The delivery is polished and the lyrics are appealing. The verses are splendid. Warm Gun sets things in motion, International Mo B takes over next, and Dave B finishes things up.  All three artists serve up fresh flows, dope wordplay, and skilled rhymes. They do a compelling job of flexing their talents in a cool laid back fashion. Peep Warm Gun as he spits: “And I’m a kill it all night. See these b–ches scream. I don’t leave feelings on the track that I didn’t mean. You stick to the script. I’m acting out different scenes. Clap, clap. Girls light but the bed dark. I’m turnt up. Head rolling like I’m Ned Stark. Burn blunts on occasion. I be making Samurai cuts regardless of being Asian.” Eccentric rhyming going on in those lines. Overall, this song is a hit and a nice way to ease readers into Warm Gun and his music.

**My Two Cents: I am really digging this track. The production and content are both equally catchy. Warm Gun and his crew did their thing. Definitely plan on keeping up with the Washington native and bringing readers more of his work. In the mean time, those interested can get more with Warm Gun here and can follow him on Twitter as well. -MinM

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