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Red Dragon TV Presents: Kick In The Door – Women In Hip-Hop (Episode 3)

by Miracle

Kick In The Door is a live web series based out of Madison, WI. It is sponsored by Red Dragon TV and hosted by Shah Evans who is better known as Mr. Get Your Buzz Up. The series is Hip-Hop themed and includes a panel that discusses various topics/issues related to the culture. Previously covered subjects include homosexuality and ghost writing. Friendly debate is also encouraged. In between the discussion portions, music videos from an array of artists are played. The show ends with live performances and brief artist interviews. The icing on the cake is that it is filmed in front of an actual audience. Hip-Hop fans and local residents alike are invited to come in and experience everything in person. It is a pretty cool set up.


The most recent episode focused on women in Hip-Hop and how they are treated. To help him explore this subject matter Shah called on four outspoken women who have some connections to the culture/industry. The panel was made up of: Karen Reece (Urban Community Arts Network), Madison’s own Divida Loca (Female Rapper), another Madison representer Hunny B (Female Rapper), and Milwaukee’s leading female rapper Kia Rap Princess (Blaqlizt Entertainment). The group touched on matters such as: why can’t there be more than one female rapper on top at a time, why artists these days feel such a strong need to be part of a click, the controversial themes of sex & exploitation, and more. The ladies definitely had a whole lot to say and things got a little sticky for Shah at times (lol). But the group had a worthy debate and even made plans to do a part two at a later date. The show closed out on a high note with performances from Hunny B and Kia Rap Princess. All in all, it was an interesting episode.

**My Two Cents: I love the concept behind Kick In The Door and want to get something similar going in Milwaukee. There is so much more to talk about in Hip-Hop than just music and it is awesome that Shah is taking time out to explore those other aspects via these different panels. As it relates to this particular episode, I think it was good.  I wish he would have been able to squeeze in a few more questions though. Also, maybe had a few guys up there to create a better contrast and really beef up the debate. Or even opening it up to the audience members would have done the trick. But overall it was a quality show. If readers liked it and would like to help it continue, please visit the Red Dragon TV site and donate. The show and station are primarily funded by community efforts. Wisconsin is losing Hip-Hop supporters left and right, so please contribute to one of the few companies that does still have our back. -MinM

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