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B. Justice – Law And Order (Mixtape Review)

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Law And Order (listen/download)

Law And Order Promo Trailer

B. Justice is one of the three members that make up previously featured Milwaukee group, Scholar Guy Music. However, he stepped out on his own a little bit ago and dropped a brand new solo mixtape called Law And Order. The tape consists of twelve tracks including the hit single “Validation.” There is also production by talents like Young Dev and guest appearances by artists like fellow Scholar Guy Music member Greatman Relllio. Find out what else the tape has to offer after the break.

“Get Yo BM Out My DM”

This track was produced by Rell Beats. The production here is fly. It contains an uptempo pace, unique background elements, and a club vibe. The hook is entertaining. The delivery is catchy and the lyrics are inventive. The verses are valid. B. Justice comes with a speedy charismatic flow, clever wordplay, and solid rhymes. He depicts his version of having a good time with very expressive details. He spits: “Pull up to the spot. Bout to put on a show. Line around the corner walk straight to the door. Bouncer trying to give my man problems at the door. Why security always acting like hoes. (…) Dancing on me your trying to get f–ked. Pockets so salad, I’m tossing it up. My girl mad cause I’m finna run amok.” Quite the image given off right there. Overall, this song is deserving of a spin or two. It would make for a worthy party anthem.

“Bust Glass”

The producer here is Young Nova. The production turned out well. It’s a low key number with gentle secondary components and a smooth vibe. The hook is great. The delivery is appealing and the lyrics are quality. The verses are fresh. B. Justice exhibits a confident flow, sharp wordplay, and savvy rhymes. He continues to let it be known how he gets down as it relates to his status in the game, living it up, and dealings with the opposite sex. He shares: “Scholar Guy Music say I’m lying about us next up. You know I could give a s–t. Whether or not I’m f–ked with. I feel like I’m in all y’all way. And I swear I love it. Not worried bout no problems. I’m usually the one who cause ’em. Subtract you out the equation. Yeah that’s how we solve ’em. This here just not digital. I do this in the physical. Don’t believe my bio. I’ll come provide a visual.” There is some dope rhyming going on in those lines. All in all, this track is a winner and the favorite off of the tape.


This is another song that features Rell Beats on the production. The production is excellent. There is a strong change of pace from the previous tracks. The slow tempo and placid musical ingredients generate a calm vibe. The hook is legit. The delivery is passionate and the lyrics are magnetic. Also, the sample used compliments everything nicely. The verses are premium. B. Justice presents a neat flow and honest rhymes. He opens up the more personal side of himself for the listener. Some lines to be aware of are: “When I was a kid they didn’t have to ask what you wanna be. Teachers knew that I would rap. In my heart wish I could sing. They say I paint a pretty picture. It’s the same behind the scenes. Say I make it look good. Well things are just what they seem. I don’t entertain rumors about you nor me. So my perception of you is dictated off what I see. Real indeed.” One has to appreciate the raw spitting within these lines. In the end, this song is a hit and a choice way to end the tape.

**My Two Cents: Law And Order is a grade A project. B. Justice has a distinct flow, a ton of personality, and a tight lyrical game. Additionally, he had some commendable guests on the tape and the production was top notch as well. Anyone that is a fan due to his role in Scholar Guy Music will enjoy the tape for sure. Others not so familiar with him will grow to like him if they can get past his occasional explicitness. Law And Order is definitely worth giving a shot. Final call is on readers though. So stop by Dat Piff and have a listen. Be sure to check out B. Justice online via his website. And check out the video below for another single off of the mixtape called “Im A P.” It features fellow rapper Speed and is a slick down to earth cut. The video was directed and edited by Champ5mic. The visuals are very clean and straight forward. -MinM


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