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Illuminati Roundtable: Who Am I Again?

by Pooh Bailey

hiphop1(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

Happy New Year!!! Before I get back into the swing of things, I thought I’d give you guys a little refresher on what the Illuminati Roundtable section was all about. It’s mainly a section that discusses rumors, album releases, and other happenings of your favorite mainstream artists. Basically a 411 on what’s happening in Hollywierd. Now the question I seem to get asked a lot is ‘Why is it called the Illuminati Roundtable?’

Well it’s my way of making fun of the “YouTube scholars” who believe in The Illuminati. To me, I always thought that was the dumbest s–t ever. It reminds me of the ole ‘Crabs in the Bucket’ syndrome. Simply because it’s always Black artists involved with The Illuminati and not White artists. Eminem made it because he is talented. Jay-Z made it because he sold his soul to the devil. Excuse me for a moment … LMAOOOOOO. It seems that folks would rather believe someone sold their soul to the devil than the fact that someone actually worked hard and are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Well Black people anyway. And for a “secret society,” why does everyone and their granny know about it? And what does The Illuminati control anyway? Damn sure isn’t Billboard. Or Barney’s. And isn’t Oprah Winfrey a part of The Illuminati but still gets racially profiled at Hermes? To me it seems you YouTube Scholars are just blaming someone else’s success on your own shortcomings. So yes, I named my section to poke fun at dumba**es who watched one too many YouTube videos of other people’s dumba** theories. So there you have it. I will be updating soon, so be on the look out. -Pooh Bailey

(Clip: The Cleveland Show – “Menace II Secret Society” aka “The Illuminati Parody”)

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