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Jasmyn Milan – “The Crazy B!tch Anthem” (Animated Video)

by Miracle

bbc8c64c53bc11e3a368122b4cdd1683_6(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“The Crazy B!tch Anthem” (preview)

Guess the site could be considered all about the ladies today. Presenting another new female talent by the name of Jasmyn Milan. She’s an Experimental/Hip-Hop artist from Wilmington, DE. She is currently pushing a track she did coined “The Crazy B!tch Anthem.” She describes it as a catchy number from her heart that she hopes others will enjoy. To help with promo she created a digital video for the record. Take a peek below.

This song is set to The Neptunes production of “Caught Out There,” the chart topping record made popular by R&B singer Kelis. There is no hook on this cut. Just the name of the song mentioned in some capacity here and there. The content is pretty captivating. Jasmyn exhibits a conversational style flow, free-spoken wordplay, and daunting rhymes. She brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘a woman scorned.’ A few bodacious lines include: “I f–king love you. And I f–king hate you. I wanna kill you. But I wanna date you. Should I show up at his crib? Yeah I know where this n—a live. He ’bout to have me on some drawling s–t. I wasn’t trying to go there but I’m sick and tired of all this s–t. Oh he with another b—h?! Let me dig them both a ditch. F–k the consequence. You gonna learn today. Let ’em know that I’m the only one you’re with.” Those bars take relationship drama to a whole nother level. Overall, this is a very intriguing offering. The video basically provides a Sim style representation of the tumultuous courtship. As a whole, it’s a very creative project.

**My Two Cents: I think Jasmyn Milan is a cool artist. I dig the personality in her music and the fact that she’s not afraid to venture outside of the box. The video was something different. She did a decent job with the animation and there was a hint of comedic appeal throughout the visual. I especially liked the ending. I for sure would like to indulge in more of her work in the future to see/hear what else she can do. -MinM

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