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Dino – “Dreaming” (Video)

by Miracle

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Not too long ago, previously featured Florida talent Dino (Sponsored By Hard Work) shared his latest music video with the site. The video is for his single “Dreaming” which was produced by Slow Architect. The song is set to a casual beat with alluring musical components and an optimistic vibe. There is no hook in place as the track falls right around the short end time wise. The lone verse is quality though. Dino enlists a compatible flow, satisfying wordplay, and fantasy based rhymes. He takes the listener through a scenario of him living the high life with no worries. However, by the end of the record reality comes home to roost. All in all, it’s a noteworthy offering.

The video was once again done by Roberto Mario. It opens with glimpses of gorgeous scenery including everything from lavish estates to palm trees & blue water to fancy cars and more. Dino happens to be right smack in the middle of all the luxury. He starts the day by rising out of bed and being met by a butler who helps him into plush a robe. From there, he steps out on a balcony to have a smoke and enjoy the view from his fancy digs. As the flick continues on the viewer is privy to more affluent sights. Amongst said sights is: a fancy water fountain, expensive jewelry, a yuppy style wardrobe, an expansive pool area, etc. But as the video starts to wind down the glamorous atmosphere gives way to the real world. Which entails Dino’s mother giving him a not so pleasant wake up call. Apparently, he’s on the verge of being late for work. His carefree posh situation was just a dream. At least for now anyways. Overall, this was a fun undertaking.

**My Two Cents: This is another song & video combination that people will be able to relate to for sure. I love that personable element in Dino’s work. I certainly liked both and look forward to the days of a richer reality myself. Props to Dino another job well done. -MinM

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