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Illuminati Roundtable: Troubled Man In Vegas

by Pooh Bailey

 (Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

What’s done in the ring, will be brought to the nearest Fatburger. So over the weekend, while the rest of us was calling around to see who cooked, Clifford Harris aka TI and Floyd Mayweather got into a scuffle. Words were said. Chairs and fists were thrown. You know your everyday activity at your local burger joint. It seems as if TI didn’t like that his wife, Tiny, was hanging out with the champ. Oh, really now? TI didn’t appreciate the Instagram pictures or the plain disrespect that was shown his way. Oh Clifford The Big Dumb Dog, lets discuss ‘disrespect’ shall we?
So while TI is “defending” his wife’s honor, his side-chick is back at the hotel waiting on her number three. Oh yes, TI has a girlfriend that he takes everywhere he goes. He recently moved into a new house, 40 miles from where he shares a house with his wife. He stated he wanted to be closer to his studio. Oh girl, bye. Recently another woman (not his wife nor girlfriend), posted a picture on Instagram of herself being in that house with TI. But TI felt disrespected that Tiny took a picture with Floyd? And not some ‘we go together’ picture, but a ‘here’s me, Floyd, and a bunch of my friends type of picture. This isn’t even the first time this situation has happened. Remember TI and Hoopz (Flavor Of Love Fame)? But Tiny is the one in the wrong. Really? Also, don’t get me wrong, Floyd Mayweather is the President of The F–k Boys Club, but he actually didn’t do anything wrong this time. And did I mention the rumor of the baby that’s on it’s way. No? Yes, this is all Clifford Harris’ doing.

Lets be clear here. TI wasn’t defending Tiny’s honor, he was defending his pride. TI and his Napoleon Complex got him thinking that he can do whatever he wants but his wife can’t. So that Instagram picture had him thinking that she was doing the same thing that he was doing but it wasn’t that. You don’t have to be a therapist to see that Mr. Harris is a very insecure man. From making Tiny quit her B.E.T. show to running up on a champion boxer at an eatery, it’s very obvious. You’re a very “happily” married man but you keep a girlfriend. And the fact that he makes sure that it isn’t a secret shows his insecurity. It’s like ‘Look at me, I have a wife and a girlfriend. I’m the man.’ Clifford just go home and take care of them kids. It’s about a hundred of them. But before you do, know that you wasn’t disrespected, you was just an insecure man with a guilty conscience. -Pooh Bailey

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