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Illuminati Roundtable: On The Run … With Our Money

by Pooh Bailey

140428-beyonce-jay-z-on-the-run-tour-announce (Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

Me and You. Your mama and Solange too. Rollin down the strip on vogues. Coming up slamming Cadillac doors. Okay so why the rest of us was making every meme and punchline that we can think of about Solange-gate, Mr. and Mrs. Carter decided to upload a movie trailer for their upcoming joint tour, On The Run. Simply titled “Run,” the trailer was everything the hood and action buffs dreamed off. From A-list stars to great cinematography, this trailer was a dream until the very end when it said ‘Coming Never.’ Peep it below.

Where do I start? I was already excited for the tour because I get to see both my favorites for the price of one. But this trailer? Even Stevie Wonder said he can’t wait to see it. It is that damn good. And for the record The Carters paid a million plus to tease us with this professional movie trailer. Also no Bokeem Woodbine or Jenny McCarthy, I mean they had real A-list actors: Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Blake Lively, Emily Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaall, the best of the best. Honestly I would give up Red Bull (don’t judge me), for a full feature length of this trailer. Like honestly, I didn’t know how much of a stan I was until my 30th time watching this four minute clip.

So if you’re like me and you have your tickets, this trailer was a warning shot on what will happen at the show. Prepare for greatness because I got this feeling that this will be the greatest show on earth. If you don’t have a ticket, Stub Hub got some for the price of your soul and your first born. Folks are really on Stub Hub reselling their ticket for the price of a Bugatti. But I digress. Be on the lookout for my review about the On The Run tour sometime after July 24th. P.S. So random but I wonder if The Carters RSVP for Kimye’s wedding was also listed as ‘Coming Never.’ -Pooh Bailey

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