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Vanessa Elisha – “Ocean”

by Miracle

OCEAN ARTWORK(Photo By Vanessa Elisha)

Vanessa Elisha has wasted no time in releasing a follow up to her hit sultry single “Midnight Swim.” Just a few days ago, she sent over a brand new offering coined “Ocean.” For this go-round she paired up with a producer by the name of J-Louis. The production turned out superbly. The collected base, plush secondary details, lulling rhythm, and cultivated vibe make for a divine pairing. The hook is worthwhile. Vanessa emanates sweet expressive vocals and the lyrics are silvery. The verses are satisfying. Vanessa serenades the listener with pacific vocals and sincere lyrics. She conveys an intimate message of appreciation and longing as it pertains to her mate. A couple of lines to take note of are: “I don’t know where I go. I don’t know where I fit in. Where do I finish? And where does he begin? Fooling around. Try not to feel so educated. We mess around. Too close to feel the separation. Oh baby I miss you so. I miss you so. I miss you so, yeah.” One has to enjoy the affection pouring out of those words right there. Overall, this is a fetching selection.
**My Two Cents: Vanessa Elisha has another hit on her hands with this record. It’s a little understated compared to “Midnight Swim” but it definitely still belongs on any easy listening R&B playlist. The production was silky and the content fit the instrumental like a glove. So far, 2014 is turning out to be a winning year for the Australian diva. Stay tuned to hear and/or see what she does next. -MinM

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