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Shle Berry – “Thick Socks & Flip Flops” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

artworks-000080184565-ds2dpl-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

‘Fuck fitting in’ is the powerful underlying motto behind rapper Shle Berry‘s latest effort. It’s titled “Thick Socks & Flip Flops.” The song is produced by another Milwaukee talent NoS On The Beat and it comes complete with a set of visuals. The production for the single is ridiculous. The grounded base, slick eccentric musical components, contemporary rhythm, and crisp vibe make for a five star combination. The hook is witty. The delivery is tidy and the lyrics are fun. The verses are choice. Shle serves up a pointed flow, nimble wordplay, and high quality rhymes. She sends an unmistakable message on how she feels about conforming to the norms established by society. A few prominent lines are: “I’ll never need a mansion as long as I got a tour bus. You been trying to win her with the line of your clothes. And I promise she doesn’t care. You need to redesign your goals. Boy listen to me, you ain’t gotta spend that kind of money. My shirts are from Target and I’m lining up these honeys. Graduated ’09 and she used to be so fine. But noticed me a week ago. So baby I got no time. There’s rappers that don’t know what poetry is. And they aim to be somebody but they totally miss.” Those are some boss bars right there. Overall, this record is a slam dunk for Ms. Berry.

The video was done by Shle Berry herself along with her sponsor Mint Mindz. It opens with a couple of guys cruising through the city on a nice day discussing a pending trip to California. During their joy ride, they have a not so pleasant encounter with a female and then they happen upon a nerdy looking guy (played by Shle herself) standing on the sidewalk. They slow down to poke fun at him a bit, eventually driving off. The song launches into play afterwards. It’s a pretty creative intro. The remainder of the flick demonstrates Shle embracing and enjoying her uniqueness while at the same time snubbing the idea of conformity. Additionally, she shows off some pretty dope gear from Mint Mindz as well. The visuals conclude with Shle having a good laugh at her own expense. All in all, this was an excellently packaged piece.

**My Two Cents: This is Shle Berry’s best work by far in my opinion. NoS On The Beat supplied her with a fire instrumental and she went all in. The song is a hit in every way. The video was a ton of fun. It was a pleasant way to illustrate the theme of the selection. Plus, you have to respect a person who is so comfortable in their own skin. It really was an awesome viewing. Readers need to set aside about five minutes and take in this offering for sure. And much love to everybody who marches to the beat of their own drum. -MinM

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