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Bili Ro$e – Last Supper (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Bili Ro$e is a Milwaukee based artist/songwriter who is a part of a record label called The Lost. His sound is categorized as a mixture of Hip-Hop and EDM. His flow is said to be catchy as well as a proven crowd-pleaser. His bars are described as diverse and innovative. His end game is to stand as a shining example of a true one of a kind artist who represents the idea that a person can do or be whatever they want in life. Recently, the site received Bili Ro$e’s debut project Last Supper for review. It’s a ten track collective that can be heard via the above player. Continue reading after the break to discover what kind of impression the unconventional talent left on The Illixer.
“Alpha Omega”
The production here is good. The reserved infrastructure, suave background components, breezy tempo, and street style vibe blend fittingly together. The hook is decent. The delivery is trendy and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are favorable. Bili Ro$e presents a marked flow, adequate wordplay, and first-rate rhymes. He establishes a very raw and brazen demeanor about himself. A couple of lines to be aware of are: “Funny them b—hes I used to lust want to f–k me now. I got some dirt on my shoulder. B—h you can come wipe me down. And since we talking ’bout style, high-end designer me likey. I got the swagger of Ra. You like me, highly unlikely. Spit with the wrath of a god. I know with fury that’s frightening. You see my aura. My soul glow in the dark kind of blinding. Low key I still got my hood dreams. (…) Keep them a-p-e gorillas round me when s–t get too dicey. I be that.” Those are some crucial bars right there. Overall, this song is a banger and was a strong way to start off the project.
“Arguments Ain’t Armageddon”
The production here is nice. It takes on a much lighter tone than the previous track. It has an almost Rock type of feel to it. The eclectic ingredients, slow pace, and sobering vibe make for an agreeable combination. The hook is intriguing. The delivery is genuine and the lyrics are heartfelt. The verses are commendable. Bili Ro$e exhibits a distinctive flow, solid wordplay, and emotional rhymes. He succumbs to a much more vulnerable side of himself as he reflects on his turbulent relationship with the special woman in his life. He spits: “What you mean you leaving? You know I’m not no psychic. This s–t I wasn’t foreseeing. Now I feel like I’m dreaming. But dreams can also be nightmares. Had dreams … dreams of seeing you right here. With your angel eyes. Had your angel wings. I see your halo. Your halo stay low. My question be did it hurt you when you fell from heaven? And is that nani ripe just like that fruit that’s forbidden?” Those are some gracefully put together bars right there. All in all, this is a choice selection.
“Last Supper”
This is not only the title track of the project but it is also the very final cut. The production here is quality. The deep base, featherweight secondary details, sluggish rhythm, and indifferent vibe result in a prime match. The hook is modest. The delivery is easy to comprehend and the lyrics are up to par. The verses are suitable. Bili Ro$e contributes a relaxed flow, satisfactory wordplay, and proficient rhymes. He conveys a resolute attitude regarding his feelings on his stance in the music game. A few noteworthy lines include: “You see what hatred will breed? Them feelings hatred a bring would bring a king to his knees. And (…) slow, swings low, sweet chariot and take me home to a kingdom in the sky where streets are paved with gold. I’m just trying to spit that s–t that’s gone ignite your soul. God pardon my explicitness. I spit a righteous flow. I question who better than me cause s–t I’d like to know. The last year you n—as eating. Last supper flow.” Those words provide a compelling ending to the single. As a whole, this is a sterling effort.
**My Two Cents: Last Supper is a propitious debut. Bili Ro$e completely lives up to every bit of his reputation. His flow is magnetic. His style is novel and versatile. I dig what he’s putting forth. The project incorporated tip-top beats and the content was engaging. Most significant is the fact that Bili carried the album all by himself. There are no guest appearances on the work. That’s a pretty brave as well as noble move for an artist stepping out for the first time. Last Supper warrants a four star rating in it’s entirety and readers should certainly give it a spin. -MinM

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