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Illuminati Roundtable: The Game of Identity Crisis

by Pooh Bailey


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What you want to be when you grow up? A rapper. A stripper. A game-show contestant. A motivational speaker. A gang member. A goon. An underwear model. Well if you are Jayceon Taylor, you can be all seven. Jayceon Taylor also known as The Game, has always had identity issues. This is why I wasn’t surprised by his sudden beef with Meek Mill. Well besides the fact that he has an album coming out. I mean let’s be real, a few weeks prior he was hand in hand with the police. He was trying to save the community. Now he wants to call Meek a rat for snitching, even though facts show otherwise. Oh Jayceon. (Still mad his mama just didn’t name him Jason.)

Game’s recent beef with Meek was expected. New album, new beef. The one thing he learned from 50 Cent. Why Meek? Easy. No, I mean easy as in easy target. After Drake bodied him with the memes because honestly the tracks Quentin wrote were cute but meh. Off topic, but it’s funny how Aubrey made fun of Meek being on Nicki’s tour just to turn around and basically hop on Rihanna’s tour. Anyways, Game saw a golden opportunity. New album that nobody outside of California really cares about. How about start something with Hip-Hop’s new favorite punching bag. We all know that Meek isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch, so he’s going to react and not ignore.

This beef, for me, would be so much better if the intent wasn’t so obvious. All Summer long, damn-near 40-year-old Game flooded our timelines and news-feeds with him being a doting father, who has teamed up with the police to stop the violence. While he chases after 18-year-old girls and shows off his penis on Instagram, while beefing with Young Thug and Waka Flocka. He became a goon when he started the beef with Thug and Waka, then became Muhammad J when it got too hot. Nobody really takes him seriously. He’s the class clown of Hip-Hop.

How are we as a Hip-Hop community supposed to believe in this beef, when Jayceon doesn’t even know who he is? Next week, Game will be modeling Jordache jeans on Instagram, while promoting unity with The Crips and beefing with Kodak Black. If you don’t know who you are, why should we care. Dropping a plethora of disses towards the dumbest person in Hip-Hop, will not win you any brownie points. It will win you a few giggles, but that’s it. All I’m saying is Jayceon needs to stick to a personality. Just go away and figure out who Jayceon really is. Until then Game should just go be a family man while Nicki Minaj changes Meek’s password. -Pooh Bailey

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