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Sparkus & Myles – “Sacrifice”

by Miracle


It has been roughly two years since The Illixer last featured anything on the music front from one of our fave emcees, Sparkus Garvey. However, he recently decided to end his musical hiatus and offer up an exclusive release for his return to the site. Of course, we were more than happy to oblige. He has formed a new faction that goes by the name of HIII-TRIBE and promises to be flooding the airwaves with lots of new tunes as 2016 draws closer to an end. First up is a track dubbed”Sacrifice.” It’s a collaboration with an artist by the name of Myles and it is produced by Felz. Both Myles and Felz are members of the aforementioned group.

The production here is beasty. The level base, savvy haunting background elements, middling tempo, and gritty vibe mesh up flawlessly together. The hook is dope as well. The delivery is spirited and the lyrics are easily embedded into the brain of the listener. The verses are of a premium quality. The fellas bring one of a kind flows, quick brilliant wordplay, and enterprising rhymes. They paint a colorful audible picture of what it means to make sacrifices while at the same time sharing some insight as to what it is that pushes them to be so driven. An example of such includes: “I’m cruising, I’m flexing. Them pigs out, I’m stressing. Don’t need ’em in my direction. Could get killed over my complexion. That’s just a day in the life. Put a gun to ya head without reading ya rights. That’s why I gotta go so damn hard on the mic. Just an emcee trying to find his way to the light.” One can not deny the raw impact that comes from the realness of those bars. As a whole, this is a fire selection and a great way to introduce HIII-TRIBE to readers.

**My Two Cents: Thank the music gods that Sparkus came back to us, lbvs. His talent and his fearlessness were certainly missed. And it seems he found some equally noteworthy counterparts for his new crew. This joint is phenomenal in every aspect. I love the instrumental. It fits the artists’ styles perfectly and it gives off an ill vibe. The content does not disappoint either. It entertains but at the same time hits the listener with some weighted points. I am very honored to be able to help roll out this track. Readers need to put this one in rotation immediately. But it’s not just available for streaming, there is a lyric video that goes along with it too. Check out the fellas on Facebook (see above) to catch the visual component of the single. This is definitely not the last time that HIII-TRIBE will be featured on The Illixer. -MinM

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