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Rockz Solid – “Bring Me Back (Lord, I Say Yes)”

by Miracle


Milwaukee veteran artist Rockz Solid hasn’t been featured on the site in quite some time as she kind of stepped away from music to take care of other aspects of her life. Which we can definitely respect. However, every once in a while she gives the people a little something to remind us that she’s still got it. Her latest teaser of such is a track coined “Bring Me Back (Lord, I Say Yes).” It is produced by Aaron Ruiz and features Rockz in a whole new spotlight as she flexes her pen in the Gospel Rap arena.

The production here is unique. The light weight foundation, atmospheric secondary components, neutral tempo, and tranquil vibe make for a likable combination. The hook is satisfactory. The vocals are charming and co-exist nicely with the subdued rapped portion. The lyrics are touching. The verses are honorable. Rockz puts forth her signature flow with graceful wordplay and vulnerable rhymes. She gives the listener the feeling that they are genuinely being privy to a special moment between her and the Lord. An excerpt from her talk with God includes: “It’s crazy how You loved me when I didn’t love myself. When I was sad. And I was down. And I was in need of ya help. I was broken in self-pity. Mad at the hand was dealt. I was stuck up in this world. Couldn’t see up in your realm. I couldn’t see ya angels still protecting all my moves. And I couldn’t feel ya blood still covering me too. I was so in denial. In fear of what you do. I knew you had a purpose. I was scared to follow through.” One can not deny the deeply stirring element of those bars right there. You can’t help but to feel chills. All in all, this is a wonderful selection and a pleasant change of pace for Rockz Solid.

**My Two Cents: I’m always excited to hear something new from Rockz Solid. This time around was no different. Especially since I knew she was coming with something a bit outside of her norm. I really like it. The production is very comforting and Rockz supplies a beautiful testimony. I believe readers with open minds and hearts will enjoy it too. There is supposed to be a video in the works. I hope it makes it to the small screen. It would be neat to see this track given life. Much love to all of the sinners & saints out there. -MinM

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