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Lee Mazin & Brianna Perry – “TOB (Them Other B—-es)” (Song & Video)

by Miracle


Lee Mazin (Philadelphia) teamed up with her Sisterhood of Hip-Hop castmate Brianna Perry (Miami) for a fresh new ladies anthem produced by Audio Jones. The song is dubbed “TOB (Them Other B—-es)” and there is a video component that goes along with it as well.

The production here is mint. The rhythmic base, trendy background ingredients, festive tempo, and free spirited vibe make for an A1 pairing. The hook is decent. The delivery is colorful and the lyrics are hard to ignore. The verses are choice. Brianna Perry takes on the first portion, Lee Mazin goes in on the second half, and then there is a bit of back & forth between the duo. The divas serve up jazzy flows, slick wordplay, and valid rhymes. They do a fine job of demonstrating what it is that sets them apart from the typical female. Take heed as Miss Perry spits: “Hit Jordan and ship you a couple kicks. Put you in the whip. Give you views from the six. Top down in Miami and it feels nice. And now he gazing in my eyes and wanna throw rice. Whoa, whoa, slow down baby. You gotta blow a check before that go down baby.” One can not deny the swag oozing from those bars right there. Overall, this is a smooth little record.

As mentioned, the twosome shot a video for their collaboration. The video is a product of Inferno Productions & Amir Rogers. The location for the visual is Brianna’s stomping grounds aka Miami. The premise for the flick is pretty much just fun in the sun. The ladies show off their curves as they cruise around the city, play a competitive yet friendly game of volleyball, and live it up pool side. Brianna and Lee have a very genuine chemistry which brings everything together nicely and makes the vision fun to watch. The piece ends with a speedy shot of the ladies sitting across from each other at a large table which is topped with money and premium alcohol. As a whole, this is a really enjoyable representation of the single.

**My Two Cents: This is a cute display of Black Girl Magic to me. Brianna Perry and Lee Amazin feed off of one another perfectly. Their connection truly enhances both the track and video. Nothing is too complicated or serious here. It’s just two talented women having a good time while doing what they love. The world needs that kind of diverting element every once in a while. I’m here for all of it. Readers should definitely listen & watch when they get a chance. -MinM

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