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Illuminati Roundtable: MMG Are The Next Contestants On Family Feud

by Pooh Bailey

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Am I my brother’s keeper? Not if you’re not tweeting about my upcoming album, according to Meek Mill. Yes, that is right. Maybach Music’s loudest general decided to air his grievances about Libby Folfax aka Wale, all over Twitter. Why? Simply because Wale hasn’t tweeted about Meek Mill’s new album Dreams Worth More Than Money. Really? Meek, then goes on about who his ‘real’ family is. Excuse me as I try not to giggle.

The problem with these rappers is that they really do be believing that the label they are signed to is their family. The label is their family … their WORK family. The label’s job is to make money off the productivity of their workers, better known as artists. As with any great job, the boss will make his workers feel like they’re a part of a big happy family. This increases morale. So with that being said, Meek being upset about Wale not tweeting about his album, is like Bill, in accounting, being mad that you didn’t make a Facebook status about his project. Why should you care? Why should Wale care? That job belongs to Rick Ross. Meek needs to learn that the music industry is a business. In the words of the infamous Nino Brown: “This isn’t personal, just business.”

And can I just add how Meek Mill claims to be so gangster but he’s tweeting his grievances about someone whose number he has. I mean I expected this from Wale. Sitting in a chair, getting re-dreaded, and getting pissed at his timeline. Not Meek Mill, though. But I guess. All in all the main lesson you can take from this is simple. Everybody isn’t your friend, family, cat, dog, or whatever. Stop focusing on people that are not focusing on you. Instead of putting that energy into ‘airing’ someone out on social media, how about just keep promoting your work. Simple. -Pooh Bailey

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