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News: Rich Homie Quan Slaps Fan In Racine, WI

by Miracle

rich-homie-2013-650-430(Photo By Google Images)

Popular rapper Rich Homie Quan ventured to Wisconsin during the holiday weekend for a concert in the city of Racine. What should have been a smooth time as the suburban area is usually pretty quiet, ended up resulting in a disturbance.

A fan grabbed the Atlanta native’s hand while he was on stage. The fan’s intentions were not believed to be threatening but rather just an attempt to be pulled up on stage with the artist. However, Rich Homie Quan took it as a slight and decided to go into defense mode. After stopping the music to do a bit of ranting, he reached over and slapped the concert goer in the face. Rumor has it that things got a little rowdy following the incident but that security stepped in to keep things from getting too bad. Rich Homie Quan took to his Twitter the next day though to make it clear that he handled the entire situation by himself. At the time of press, there were no lawsuits or fall-outs mentioned as a result of the incident. Video footage from the event can be seen below.  This is not the first time that a Rich Homie Quan concert has turned sour. Back in March, two people were killed following his show in New Orleans. And there have been shootings reported over the past year during appearances he’s had in Ohio and Missouri as well. So one might want to think twice before snatching up a ticket to check him out in person. Fingers crossed that his magnet for violence doesn’t follow him on his next on the road venture though. He’s teaming up with Wiz Khalifa for the Under The Influence Of Music Tour which kicks off on the 24th of this month in Pennsylvania. It would be unfortunate for Wiz to suffer for another artist’s problems. Here’s to hoping for the best.

**My Two Cents: First off, we have enough problems getting support for Hip-Hop in Wisconsin without outsiders coming in and adding to the mess. Secondly, this was just plain old foolish and unnecessary. What did he prove by slapping that guy? All he had to do was let security handle it and keep it moving. That wouldn’t make him weak, a punk, etc. It would’ve made him a professional. Instead he had to front and do something silly that could have gotten somebody seriously hurt or resulted in the loss of a life or two. Other artists get pulled at on stage all the time and they don’t make the news over it. But this is who y’all rocking with in the clubs and such these days, smh. We have got to do better in the Hip-Hop community. -MinM

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