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Illuminati Roundtable: Jay-Z Is Barneys New Security?

by Pooh Bailey

Jay-Z(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

So last week, Jay-Z came under scrutiny after a Black male college student was involved in an incident at Barney’s (where Mr. Carter is head of security). Jay-Z questioned the young man and then had the gentleman thrown in jail for two hours after purchasing a $320 belt from the store. He later filed a lawsuit against Barneys for discrimination and the unlawfulness of Mr. Carter. Hold on, does that make sense to you? Mega mogul Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter took time from his worldwide tour to work security for Barneys. I mean he did say he had to keep Beyoncé in G3 and it’s not cheap but really. Well really Barneys is the one who did the racial profiling and Jay-Z just has a charity with them where 25% of the stores profits goes to the Shawn Carter Foundation. A foundation that gives scholarships to students with a 2.5 gpa, which is not the norm for scholarships.

So here is the thing, folks are calling for Jay-Z to drop his charity with Barneys due to their racial discrimination. Now how does that stop the racial profiling that’s being practiced at Barneys? I mean it’s a charity, which means they’re giving money away, not making it. Now Hov is being denounced for something he had nothing to do with. Mind you, Jay-Z is the same guy who folks demonized daily, now they want him to play superhero. Let’s be honest, folks won’t give a damn next week. Just like folks boycotted Chick-Fil-A for like 36 hours. Or how about the boycott of Florida? Oh yeah bet you forgot. Just like skinny jeans, swag, and tramp stamps, fake caring for a cause is a trend. It’s sickening that so many people ‘fake’ care about the wrong thing about a situation to the point that it causes an unnecessary uproar. Now the real problem is being overlooked.

Instead of petitioning Shawn Carter, how about petitioning Mark Lee. You know, the CEO of Barneys. If you want to things to change, you have to go after the person that’s leading the way. Instead of threatening Mr. Carter with petitions, how about threatening Barneys with a boycott? Oh yeah but Scandal comes on at 9pm and if you miss the first 45 seconds then it’s a wrap. How about staging a sit-in? Wait, isn’t the Washington-Dallas game today? Yeah maybe next week. Blaming Jay-Z or any other celebrity for that matter, for your fake cause going awry needs to stop.

In the end, if you have a problem you don’t blame your neighbor for what your landlord did. You don’t petition your school’s principal for what the senator did with the school’s budget. Just like you shouldn’t attack Jay-Z for what Mark Lee and his employees did. -Pooh Bailey

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