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Lyriciss – “Ridin” (Video)

by Miracle


The Balance (Pre-Order)

Haven’t graced readers with a release from DMV artist Lyriciss in quite some time. So figured they might enjoy his new video. It’s for his single, “Ridin.” The single will be featured on his upcoming album The Balance which drops in just a few short days on the 29th via Inner Loop Records. The track was produced by Grussle. It’s a subtle number made up of toned-down musical elements, cavalier content, and a lax vibe. As a whole, it makes for an ideal choice for any mellow mood playlist. Peep the visuals below.

The visuals were put together by Matt Sugawara & Lyriciss himself for HVNTS Films. The premise for the flick is pretty cut and dry. It more or less just depicts Lyriciss cruising and kicking it around DC with his homies. In between the scenes of their journey around town are clips of popular car scenes from some of the most well known Urban movies to date. Menace II Society, New Jack City, Friday, and Belly are just a few of the prominent films that were paid homage to. The vision closes out at nightfall with a wide look of Lyriciss still coasting through the streets and then fades into a brief bit of promo. The purpose of the video was to emphasize the theme of the song, which is simply to just enjoy life. That sentiment was definitely present. All in all, this was a bang-up effort.

**My Two Cents: It’s been a year since I’ve heard anything from Lyriciss, so I was excited to receive this in my inbox. The song & video certainly lived up to my expectations. The single is a great chill cut and the video was deftly put together. I especially loved all of the driving clips from the different movies. That was a dope touch. Be sure to hit up that link and secure your copy of The Balance pronto. -MinM

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