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ERA – “Coltrane”

by Miracle

COLTRANE ART 2 copy(Photo By AudioMack.Com)

“Coltrane” (listen/download)

ERA is a budding artist from the ATL. He made his musical debut in 2012 with his project The Dream Act and has been going strong ever since. His debut offering earned him media attention as well as helped to build his fan base. It has received over 25,000 downloads to date. Which is pretty applaudable for a first time offering. While he prepares a suitable sophomore project, he has decided to grace fans with an EP.  The EP is titled The Breeze Card Chronicles and the site was lucky enough to get a hold of the pending project’s first single. The song is called “Coltrane” and it was produced by Glenn Gretzky.

The production here is sick. It is made up of: a pronounced foundation, Jazz style background components, a contagious tempo, and an energetic vibe. There is no hook to be found on this record. There is a mention of the track’s name throughout the offering though as well as a clip of a few words from the late legendary saxophonist/composer John Coltrane himself.  The consecutive rhyming is of a grand quality. ERA provides a speedy flow, savvy wordplay, and esteemed rhymes. He does a stand up job of showcasing why his first release was such a hit. A couple of noteworthy lines include: “Serving my dish cold. Ran away with the spoon. Just trying to eat all my cake like Anna Mae is in the room. S–t is getting so ugly, it’s married to Heidi Klum. Yo music is outdated. Put that s–t on a Zune. (…) Ain’t you supposed to be sick? Well s–t I’m immune. You don’t f–k with my s–t? Well what the f–k is you doing? I’m a loon. Every time I brainstorm it typhoons. And I ain’t talking no Clipse. Ain’t part of the Neptunes.” The referencing work in those bars is extremely clever. Overall, this cut deserves two thumbs up.

**My Two Cents: ERA is a legit artist. His style is arresting and his pen game is above average. The ATL music scene is a seriously competitive market but I definitely think he has what it takes to hold his own. “Coltrane” is a nice buzz single. The content was smartly put together and the production was superior. I believe readers will enjoy it too. I’m interested in hearing what else ERA brings to The Breeze Card Chronicles EP for sure. After bumping the single, be sure to click that link and check him out on Twitter as well. -MinM

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