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Dave Amazin – “I Wrote A Song About U”

by Miracle

Iwroteasongaboutyou(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“I Wrote A Song About U” (preview)

Chicago rapper Dave Amazin has set free another piece of music from his collection. This time around he took a crack at remixing “Alone” by Electronic artist XXYYXX. He dubbed his version “I Wrote A Song About U.” He pretty much left the original production in tact. Which was not a bad move. The beat is pretty appetizing. The subtle infrastructure, eclectic musical ingredients, gradual tempo, and abstract vibe join graciously together. There is no hook used on this remake. However, the melodic break and brief words from Dave himself that follow the free-verse are a nice touch. The content that is present is ace. Dave Amazin exhibits a breezy flow, first-rate wordplay, and select rhymes. He depicts a scarcely seen side of himself as he discusses romantic dealings with the opposite sex in a story like fashion. He spits: “I knew you since there was an old you. Not ya man but was there to console you. Not them lame n—as that you used to f–k with. I was too shy but came up out of my comfort. Told how I felt. It got reciprocated. Everybody said we already should’ve been dated. They don’t know us. And honestly I didn’t really want ’em to. All up in our mix like they aware of the flavor. (…) Blood brothers told me Dave don’t save her. Well, so I couldn’t save you. But I thought I could try.” Those bars contain excellent details packaged in an easygoing conversational tone. All in all, this was a golden remix.

**My Two Cents: I love the way Dave Amazin added on to the original song. He fell right in line with the already established unique mellow tone and killed it. His delivery was spot on and his rhymes were exemplary. This is by far my favorite submission from Dave Amazin to date. There is no question that readers need to give this one a listen. And as a reminder, Dave will be dropping his next full length mixtape More Superficial S–t in March 2014. So be sure to keep an eye out for future details about the upcoming project. -MinM

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