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Meek Mill – Dreams & Nightmares (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Guest Pen Author: Cezar

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After much delay rapper Meek Mill (Warner Bros / Maybach Music Group) has finally released his much anticipated debut album Dreams & Nightmares. With the success of his popular “Dreamchasers” movement Meek has delivered a street classic. With his unique precision Meek has put together a tell-tale story of a young man who has endured the lowest of lows (Nightmares) to reach the heights of a genre and instil himself a legend among rappers and artists alike (Dreams).

Dreams & Nightmares opens with one of his signature intros “Dreams And Nightmares,” produced by Tone The Beat Bully. With a strong piano lead and a calmer than usual tone Meek begins the story of his younger days, which is a nice turn of events for Meek Mill. Halfway through this intro Meek returns to form with his violent and exact voice, Meek continues to rip the intro with a strong prose and vivid lyrics.

The highlight of Dreams & Nightmares is “Traumatized”. Produced By Boi-1da and with his uncanny ability to bring the artist alive, Meek proceeds to tell a real-life story of why he is the way he is. This song lyrically is the best on the album due to lines such as: “Rest in peace to my niggas. I swear I miss them to death. My hammer sing murda music. I’ll let you listen to death. I’ll have you walk with the reaper when hollows chop through your chest. Cause if you throw ’em I throw back like Mitchell & Ness.”

Throughout this whole album Meek Mill manages to deliver everything Hip-Hop heads and Rap enthusiasts could ask for from the hard hitting production to the accurate lyricism and cadence of Meek’s flow. Meek has delivered an instant hood marvel.

**Cezar’s Final Perspective: Personally I believe this album is the best work to come from Meek Mill thus far. As a fan / Hip-Hop fanatic I believe Meek will be around for years to come and with this album has solidified himself as a rap legend. -Cez

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