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“Posse Song” F/ Lil Wyte, Miscellaneous, $hamrock, Partee, & Thug Therapy (preview)

Back From Tha Dead: Deadly Proverbs (Amazon)

The big day has arrived. Lord Infamous dropped his brand new album Back From Tha Dead: Deadly Proverbs at midnight today and the internet has been buzzing about it ever since. The album was released via Wyte Music Records. Therefore it is only right that the promo single is a track that features the entire squad. “Posse Song” is the number three track on the LP and it has been in heavy rotation to help spread the word about the project. The single was produced by Big Boi Beats and contains guest appearances from: Lil Wyte, Miscellaneous, $hamrock, Partee, & Thug Therapy.

The production here is sick. The banging bass line, hushed yet serious background elements, and street vibe all result in a real treat for the ears. No hook is used on this cut. But with all of the raw talent present, a hook really isn’t needed. The verses are insane. Lil Wyte leads the way, Miscellaneous, $hamrock, Partee, & Thug Therapy all hold it down in the mid-section, and Lord Infamous heads up the rear. Everybody held their own with: individualized flows, innovative wordplay, and top shelf rhymes. They proved why the Wyte Music brand is one of the most respected and successful entities in the Hip-Hop / Rap game. A couple of significant lines from Lord Infamous include: “Scarecrow is back from hell. And I came up to preach these deadly scriptures. You don’t want me to get up with ya. Tortured more n—as then Adolf Hitler. (Blay!).” That was a clever way for the Horrorcore legend to sum up what he’s all about. Overall, this track is a certified hit.

**My Two Cents: I usually don’t like songs with a laundry list of artists. However, this track goes in. Everybody stepped up to the plate and they arranged it so the timing was just perfect. That’s a good look. Once again, Back From Tha Dead: Deadly Proverbs is now available. But fans / supporters can only purchase it via online retailers. So hit up that Amazon link and make it a part of your collection asap! -MinM