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Doc Illingsworth – Launch (Beat Tape Review)

by Miracle


(Photo By Band Camp)

Launch (preview/purchase)

Guest Pen Author: Cezar

Doc Illingsworth, a multi-talented individual delivering a project straight out of Detroit, has been around music for quite some time circa 1999. Doc Illingsworth is also a part of rap group Detroit CYDI. His influences according to his Facebook Page include: Detroit, sound, sight, and oddly enough bacon; just to name a few. Doc has delivered a 16 track beat tape called Launch that can be found on Band Camp for just $5. See what the tape has to offer after the break.


The use of the video game sample was a prime choice. This tactic is often over used but with a great selection it worked out in Doc’s favor. The kick drum and the addition of the snaps in the beat make this a fun beat to listen to. The downturn is that the rhythms and melodies are a tad over complacent. Overall, this is a nice beat.


Although a short offering, this beat is definitely a Detroit original. The use of piano, the sample, and then choosing to ride the beat with a strong kick drum was genius. The breakdowns between hook and verse are smooth and almost soothing. The outro of the beat is really fantastic. I really think this beat stands out the most. I really wish it was longer.


This is another unique track. The sample used is subtle and perfectly blended in. The tone of this track definitely fits the title. The beat has a somber heartfelt vibe and you can envision a woman when listening to this selection. I like this beat and I think it is a shining spot on this beat tape.

**Cezar’s Final Perspective: This is an average tape. I think this effort has a few spots of filler. And certain beats I like for music listening purposes but if constructed longer they would be a lot stronger in quality. The beats on here were simple at times but they fit in with the rest of the puzzle to complete the project. I would definitely like to hear more from this producer. Readers can check Doc out further by visiting his website. -Cez

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