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Baby Face Monster – “Rich Daley” (Performance Video)

by Miracle

bfm live youtube(Photo By Baby Face Monster)

As previously mentioned, Baby Face Monster is working on releasing some new music very soon. To give his supporters an idea of what they can expect, he recently sent over a video of himself at an affair that took place at Tiger O’Stylies in his home state of Illinois. He was in the house for “The Legendary Cypher” event. Peep him live in action below.

Here is what was shared about the clip: “Here’s a great example of what you can expect when you attend a Baby Face Monster concert! Every movement seems effortless as he parties with his fans rocking a scarf, hunter’s vest, cardigan, shirt buttoned to the top, & a smile from ear to ear. This footage gives us a glimpse of the level of stage presence BFM displays & the amount of crowd control he commands with every song.” The performance footage was captured by Night Knight Entertainment. Baby Face Monster broke out his hit single, “Rich Daley” from his concept album Cadillac Brougham Joints. He had great stage presence. The crowd was also very into his act, as they rapped along with every word. And his onstage crew provided excellent support. Looks like that description was pretty accurate.

**My Two Cents: I was fortunate enough to witness Baby Face Monster perform live last year. And he is pretty dope. This video gives a nice visual of what he can do. But it is always better to see someone do their thing in person. If readers would like to catch Baby Face Monster rocking the mic, they can keep up with his appearances via his website. -MinM

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