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Aaric Mychal – Free Art Sale (Beat Tape Review)

by Miracle

Free Art Sale Cover(Photo By Band Camp)

Guest Pen Author: Rich P
Aaric Mychal is a Hip-Hop producer/musician based out of Dallas, Texas. He draws influences from a wide range of talents including names such as: Kanye West, J. Dilla, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, and many more. His style is described as rooted in the Golden Era of Hip-Hop incorporating: hard drums, heavy rhythms, and full bass lines. He studied Audio Engineering and Music Business which led him to decide that production was the path that he wanted to walk in the music game. Throughout the course of his career, he has earned placements in documentaries and on various radio outlets. He recently sent his debut beat tape project over to the site for review. It has received high praise all across the web, even earning him awards and artist covers in some instances. The Illixer tapped the one and only Rich P to lend his ears to the tape and share his thoughts. Find out what he had to say after the break.

Coming from Dallas, Texas I was expecting to hear some Trap production. To my immediate surprise I was wrong! Aaric Mychal shows us that just because you come from a place dominated by a certain sound, doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out and be different. The 15 track beat tape titled Free Art Sale has elements from all across the board. Old school samples as well as samples from old school Hip-Hop classics. There is also some darkness lingering around and its just the right amount.

This is a true Hip-Hop beat tape. With me being an artist, I found myself free-styling to several of the instrumentals on this tape. Some of my favorites are “STBB 344” and “My Time.” “STBB 344” because it sounds like it has something to say by itself, its just waiting on the right emcee to tell the story.  “My Time” because I can imagine the likes of a ‘Lil Wayne‘ on there. Aaric Mychal is a dope producer from what I’m hearing with this tape. It is for true Hip-Hop heads. I predict that there will be many cyphers being held to this project. Definitely check it out on Band Camp. -Rich P

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